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" Warm up before you hit the slopes"

Feb 15, 2011
" Warm up before you hit the slopes"

" Before dashing on a black ski run, it is better to warm a little the body. The ideal would be to make some movements - even a small jogging - before putting shoes, but well … Let us be realistic and let us find the other solutions to awaken the body.

First matter : instead of walking blocked put shoes on skis as soon as possible and slide, in no skater and by growing on arms, to join the first ascent. Opt rather for a lift (more collectively conscript pulls buttocks) that for a chairlift or a bubble, which would cold you.

During the ascent, some flexions will wake your thighs and your knees. Arrived at the top, bang your skis on the snow to bring them to remove the shoes. That will allow you to verify that they are adjusted well while seeking the ligaments of the knee.

Do not hesitate to add some movements to the stop (flexions, kicks, conversions, rotations of arms and bust) before throwing to you in a first descent. Easy: a blue or a green. Alternate short bends (as if you skied in a corridor), and long bends, during which you will force to breathe profoundly. During this phase which is going to make your heart rhythm rise, lead in flexion, thus without forcing on the extension, the whole with reduced speed. Especially in reduced speed.

As one goes along, vary techniques and grips of edges to find your sensations and put ligaments in tension. Accelerate a little the rhythm during the second descent, and slowly gear up for, after approximately 45 minutes, pass in your cruising speed by being ready to support it. "

Thanks to Marc Solier, Director of the CRJS of Havre, for these invaluable advice.