Discover our tips for dressing before skiing and we have special tips for dressing your children.

bien s'habiller pour le ski

Welcome to our blog dedicated to ski enthusiasts and families looking for snow adventures! Our ski rental site is the preferred partner for skiers looking for sensations and families looking to create unforgettable memories on the snowy slopes. In this article, we will reveal the secrets to dress well before hitting the slopes, whether you are a fan of freeride, ski touring or freestyle. 
And because we know that the youngest are often the most fearless, we will also pay special attention to how to dress your children so that they are ready to face the cold while having fun.

The system of the 3 layers

The base layer: like a second skin

Before you even put on your ski outfit, think about your base layer. Opt for technical underwear that evacuates moisture while maintaining optimal heat. Materials like merino wool are ideal for efficient thermal regulation.

The middle layer: isolate without compromising on mobility

To cope with freezing temperatures, an insulating middle layer is essential. A fleece jacket or a light down jacket will offer warmth and comfort, while preserving freedom of movement essential for freestyle skiing or hiking.

The outer layer: brave the elements in style

Your ski jacket and pants are your first line of defense against bad weather. Opt for waterproof and breathable materials to stay dry while wicking away sweat. Also, make sure that your outfit has waterproof seams for optimal protection.

How to dress your children for skiing?

Family ski holidays are a memorable experience, but making sure your kids are properly dressed is crucial to their well-being and enjoyment on the slopes. Here are some tips to help you prepare the perfect equipment for your young skiers: 

1. The base layer: choose heat
Before putting on the ski suit, make sure your kids wear a baselayer that wicks away moisture while maintaining body heat. Opt for technical materials such as polyester or merino wool to ensure optimal comfort;

2. The ski suit: waterproof and breathable
Invest in a quality, water-resistant and breathable ski suit. Make sure the waist is adjusted to prevent snow from entering. Zippers and waterproof seams are also key elements to ensure protection from the elements;

3. Intermediate layers: modulate the heat
Depending on weather conditions, add intermediate layers to adjust the heat. Lightweight insulated jackets are ideal for cooler days, while softer days may require only the ski suit;

4. Accessories: do not neglect the head, hands and feet 
Do not forget to equip your children with hats, waterproof gloves and adapted socks. A good pair of sunglasses or ski masks with UV protection is also essential to protect their eyes from the bright sun at altitude;

5. Safety first: helmet and protection
For freestyle or freeride enthusiasts, a ski helmet is essential to ensure safety on the slopes. Feel free to add extra knee and elbow pads, especially for the more adventurous.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your children will be well prepared to face the winter conditions and fully enjoy their ski holiday in Savoie. Don’t forget that the Ski Republic team is here to provide you with the right ski equipment for your needs. Good family descents!