Discover Morzine, an ideal destination for a family holiday in the mountains, with Ski Republic for a hassle-free ski holiday.


Discover the family charm of Morzine

Your ski destination par excellence

Located in Haute-Savoie, the ski resort of Morzine offers an exceptional setting for family holidays in the mountains. This traditional village, which has preserved its authentic setting while modernizing, is the ideal playground for ski enthusiasts of all ages. With its breathtaking landscapes and access to the vast Portes du Soleil Morzine is the destination of choice for those looking to combine outdoor adventure and moments of relaxation with the family.

Beyond its snowy slopes and idyllic mountain landscapes, Morzine stands out for its ability to offer a complete experience to its visitors. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, you will find slopes adapted to your level as well as many activities to enhance your stay.

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Opting for Ski Republic is choosing peace of mind. We offer not only the rental of high-end equipment, but also personalized advice so that every member of the family, from toddlers to adults, finds shoes at his feet. In addition, our simplified online booking system allows you to plan your ski equipment well before setting foot on the slopes, ensuring a hassle-free arrival in Morzine and more time to enjoy the joys of the snow.

Morzine is waiting for you. Get ready to discover its warm atmosphere, beautiful landscapes and many activities designed for the happiness of families. With Ski Republic at your side, your family holiday in Morzine promises to be unforgettable.

Morzine: a family ski area

Morzine stands out as a family destination par excellence, offering a variety of slopes that will satisfy beginners and experienced skiers. In the heart of the Portes du Soleil, one of the largest international ski areas linking Avoriaz, Châtel, Les Gets or La Chapelle d'Abondance, discover an XXL area with nearly 600 kilometers of ski slopes.

The Morzine ski area is designed to accommodate families in the best conditions, with specially designed areas for children and learning areas where beginners can take their first steps on the snow safely. The slopes are varied, ranging from gentle green slopes to more committed blue and red descents, allowing each family member to find his happiness. Many play areas are accessible for young and old, such as: 

  • Different first slide areas, perfect for beginners to discover the joys of skiing;
  • Penguin Park: a fun track with slaloms, tunnels and small modules;
  • The Chemin des Zouzous: an educational trail on the Pléney sector to discover life-size wild animals;
  • Eagle Park: a snowpark and boardercross accessible to all and equipped for all levels;
  • Le Domaine de loisirs de la Pointe de Nyon: from the top of the Nyon Cable Car, live a timeless experience to discover the Eagles! Shows present these majestic birds to leave with memories full head. 

To enjoy these experiences, do not wait any longer and book your Morzine ski rental now with Ski Republic. We emphasize the importance of accessibility and convenience with online booking options that allow you to plan ahead and benefit from even more advantageous rates. By booking your ski equipment before you arrive in Morzine, you maximize your time on the slopes and minimize organizational hassles, ensuring that every moment spent in Morzine is dedicated to adventure and family fun.

Entertainment programme

Morzine shines not only with its family ski area, but also with its rich entertainment program designed to delight young and old. At the heart of this lively resort, each winter season is marked by special events that turn the stay into a real adventure for families. From sledge races under the stars to children’s shows, interactive workshops and dazzling fireworks, Morzine knows how to create magical moments that will remain etched in memory.

Treasure hunt

Every Wednesday in winter 2023-2024, the resort of Morzine organizes a treasure hunt on the ski area. Search for hidden tags on the slopes and answer the questions to try to win a prize! 

On the dime

Every Friday, immerse yourself in the skin of Robin Hood through various precision workshops: archery, blowpipe, hockey… 

Torchlight descent

Animated by the ESF, the children’s torchlight descent allows young skiers to hit the ski slopes at night with these instructors on the Pléney stadium. 

Non-ski activities for the whole family

Morzine is more than just skiing! The resort is a true paradise for families looking for diverse adventures off the slopes. In addition to its exceptional ski area, Morzine offers a range of family activities that guarantee entertainment and relaxation for all, regardless of the season.

Ice rink

The Morzine ice rink is a privileged meeting place for families after a day on the slopes. Young and old can put on their skates and slide together in a festive atmosphere. This is the perfect opportunity to share moments of joy, laughter and perhaps even learn to skate for the first time.

Sleigh rides

The sleigh rides offer a magical experience through the snowy landscapes of Morzine. Pulled by magnificent horses or vigorous dogs, these trips allow you to discover the region from another angle, wrapped in the winter calm of nature. It is a timeless adventure, particularly appreciated by children, who find themselves immersed in a fairy tale.

Indoor pool

The indoor pool of Morzine invites to relaxation and water fun, away from the cold outside. With pools suitable for all ages, families can swim, play or simply relax in the hot water. It is a great alternative to relax after the efforts of skiing or to spend a quiet day with the family.

Play areas and adventure areas

Morzine is full of fun spaces and adventure zones designed especially for children and teenagers. These play areas, located indoors and outdoors, offer a multitude of activities, from tree climbing courses to slides, climbing areas and trampolines. These facilities allow the youngest to spend their energy, develop their agility and meet new people in a safe and friendly environment.

For teenagers in search of adrenaline, Morzine also offers more extreme activities, such as freestyle snowboarding, paragliding or mountain biking on snow. Supervised by professionals, these young adventurers can experience new thrills safely.

Reception areas and services for families

Morzine excels in welcoming families, offering facilities and services specially designed to make the stay of young and old both comfortable and memorable. The resort is equipped to meet the needs of every family, ensuring a hassle-free holiday where parents and children find their happiness.

Daycares and spaces for the little ones

Aware that parents sometimes aspire to hit the slopes alone or enjoy moments of relaxation, Morzine offers several daycares and reception spaces for toddlers. These services welcome children in a warm and secure environment, where fun and educational activities are organized by early childhood professionals. From painting to snow games, each activity is designed to awaken the curiosity of children while respecting their rhythm.

Ski schools for children

The ski schools of Morzine are renowned for their excellence and their pedagogical approach adapted to each age. Qualified and passionate instructors introduce children to skiing or snowboarding, with an emphasis on safety, fun and progression. The courses are organized by age and level groups, allowing each child to develop his skills at his own pace, in a stimulating and friendly setting.

Why choose Morzine for your family holidays in the mountains

Morzine stands out as the preferred destination for families looking for a mountain getaway, thanks to its unique blend of alpine charm, security, diversity of activities and an unparalleled welcome. Here’s why choosing Morzine for your next family vacation is a decision you won’t regret.

Safety first

Safety is a top priority in Morzine, both on the slopes and within the resort. The ski slopes are meticulously maintained and monitored, ensuring a safe environment for skiers of all levels. In addition, the many services dedicated to families, such as daycares and children’s ski schools, operate with the highest safety standards, allowing parents to relax and enjoy their holidays knowing their children in good hands.

Diversity of activities

Morzine offers much more than just skiing and snowboarding. The resort is full of off-piste activities for all ages, from sleigh rides and ice skating to indoor pools and adventure areas. This diversity ensures that every member of the family finds happiness, whether you are looking for adrenaline or relaxation. Morzine is committed to providing a complete experience, where memories are built as well on the slopes as around a fireplace or during a family outing.

A warm welcome

Morzine’s warm welcome is legendary. Morzine residents and tourism professionals go above and beyond to ensure that every visitor feels at home. This hospitality translates into a welcoming environment where the service is attentive and personalized, contributing to a stress-free and pleasant holiday experience for all families.

Between the varied activities, the security assurance, the warm welcome of the locals, and the unparalleled support of Ski Republic for all your ski equipment, Morzine is the ideal place for a family holiday in the mountains, creating memories that will last a lifetime.