Discover our selection of the 10 best ski resorts to enjoy spring skiing, sunny slopes and exceptional snow conditions.

top 10 des stations pour skier en avril

With the arrival of spring, the mountain turns into a real playground for lovers of skiing. If you thought that skiing was reserved for winter frosts, think again! Spring skiing offers you unique sensations, with longer days to enjoy the slopes, a generous sun that caresses the skin, and a snow that is soft under the skis. But then, where to ski in April to capture this seasonal magic? Our mission at Ski Republic is to guide you to the best ski resorts where altitude rhymes with quality snow and sunshine. Because yes, even in April, it is possible to find resorts where snow is queen and skiing, king. Our selection focused on criteria as precise as a ski trace in the powder: high altitude to guarantee skiing in spring, quality snow for skiing in April without worry, and of course, a good dose of sun to make your day of skiing an enchanted parenthesis. Ready to hit the slopes under an azure sky? Put on sunscreen, adjust your sunglasses and follow us: here are the top 10 resorts where spring is lived skis to the feet and smile on the lips.

Why ski in April?

Opting for skiing in April is not only a matter of timing, it is embracing a renewed skiing experience. This is why the end of the season may well become your favourite time to put on skis:

  • Mild weather: The spring sun envelops the mountains, offering milder weather conditions. Finished the fight against the icy cold, place to the mild spring that makes each descent more pleasant.
  • Longer days: Days stretch, giving you more time to explore the slopes. No need to choose between a last descent and return before night; in April, the sun is on your side.
  • Less crowds: The excitement of winter holidays is fading, leaving room for less crowded slopes. Enjoy a more intimate skiing experience, where you become one with the mountain.

To ski in April is to choose freedom on open slopes, under an azure sky, where each turn is savoured without the pressure of winter crowds.

How to choose the best ski resort in April?

When it comes to selecting the perfect playground for your spring skiing adventures, a few key criteria come into play. Here’s what to keep in mind to ensure your last runs of the season are memorable:

  • High altitude: The higher you are, the higher the chances of finding quality snow in April. Opt for resorts known for their altitude, thus guaranteeing optimal snow for skiing in spring.
  • Variety of activities: Spring skiing is also an opportunity to discover the mountain differently. Choose resorts offering a wide range of activities: hiking, paragliding, or mountain biking on snow to vary the pleasures after your descents.
  • Presence of Ski Republic: For a seamless experience, make sure your destination has a Ski Republic shop. Thus, you will benefit from expert advice, quality equipment and tailor-made offers to make the most of your days on the slopes.

Top 10 ski resorts in April

Spring is a magical season to enjoy the last snow and the generous sun. Here is our selection of the 10 best resorts to live this unique experience.

Val Thorens: Spring skiing paradise at its peak

Perched at an altitude of 2,300 metres, Val Thorens is not only the highest resort in Europe but also a favourite choice for ski enthusiasts in April. Its privileged position guarantees exceptional snow even at the end of the season, thus offering optimal ski conditions when other resorts begin to see their white coat melt.

Val Thorens

Why Val Thorens in April?

At this altitude, the snow remains fresh and abundant, promising exhilarating descents under a clear and bright sky. Val Thorens is a true oasis for skiers looking for ideal spring conditions.

Activities not to be missed Val Thorens 

  • Zipline: 

Fly over the slopes at high speed and enjoy a unique adrenaline experience.

  • Snowmobile rides: 

Explore the snowy panoramas in an original way, an adventure not to be missed for mountain lovers.

  • Paragliding: 

Admire Val Thorens from a new point of view by taking the height, an activity that combines thrills and breathtaking landscapes.

What to do in Val Thorens after a day of skiing? 

After a day on the slopes, the resort offers a variety of options for relaxation and fun:

Recover and relax in one of the many spas offering revitalizing treatments.

  • Bars and clubs: 

The après-ski atmosphere in Val Thorens is renowned for being one of the best in the Alps, with a selection of bars and clubs to prolong the evening.
Val Thorens is a destination where every skier, whether beginner or expert, will find his happiness. The assurance of a successful spring ski is here a reality, making each descent more memorable than the previous one.

To book your equipment in Val Thorens and discover even more activities, visit our page dedicated to Val Thorens.

Tignes: Your snow oasis in April

Nestled in the heart of Savoie, Tignes stands out for its dynamic atmosphere and its exceptional ski area, accessible until spring thanks to its high altitude. With its slopes located between 1,550 m and 3,450 m above sea level, Tignes offers a guarantee of quality snow, even in April, making it an essential destination for ski enthusiasts in spring.


Why is Tignes an ideal choice in April?

One of the greatest assets of Tignes is its Grande Motte glacier, allowing you to enjoy spring skiing under the sun and with pleasant temperatures. This resort is perfectly suited to all levels of skiers and snowboarders looking to maximize their days on the slopes at the end of the season.

Flagship activities in Tignes 

  • Skiing on the glacier: Enjoy exceptional slopes on the Grande Motte glacier for unique sliding sensations.
  • Ice Diving: For an extraordinary adventure, explore the depths of a frozen lake through an ice diving experience.
  • Mountain biking on snow: Change skis and try mountain biking on snowy slopes, an original way to discover the landscapes of Tignes.

A rich and varied après-ski life 

The resort also offers a rich and varied après-ski life to complete your experience:

  • Festivals and concerts: Spring in Tignes is often punctuated by musical events, offering festive moments after a day of skiing.
  • Spas and wellness: Relax your muscles and relax your mind in one of the resort’s wellness centres, perfect for recharging your batteries.

Tignes is proving to be a destination of choice for those who want to fully enjoy skiing in April, with a diverse offer of activities on and off the slopes. It is the ideal place for skiers wishing to explore the last snows of spring in a setting that is both spectacular and welcoming.

To learn more about Tignes and prepare your stay, discover our selection of adapted equipment on our page dedicated to Tignes.

Les 2 Alpes: Spring skiing and sun on the summits 

Les 2 Alpes presents itself as a destination of choice for spring skiing enthusiasts, thanks to its impressive ski area culminating at 3,600 meters above sea level. This unique resort offers a perfect combination of quality snow slopes and sun exposure, ideal for those looking to combine skiing and vitamin D in April.

Les 2 Alpes

The advantages of choosing Les 2 Alpes in April 

The specificity of the 2 Alps lies in its vast inverted ski area: the higher you climb, the softer the slopes, which is perfect for all levels, from beginners to experienced skiers. The glacier, accessible until late in the season, ensures an irreproachable quality of snow for unforgettable descents.

Unmissable activities in Les 2 Alpes 

  • Skiing and snowboarding on glacier: With one of the largest ski glaciers in Europe, Les 2 Alpes offers an exceptional skiing experience, even at the end of April.
  • Snowpark: Freestyle enthusiasts will be delighted by the glacier snowpark, suitable for all levels and offering various modules.
  • Mountain hikes: For those who wish to take a little height, the hikes around the 2 Alps offer breathtaking panoramas of the Alps.

Après-ski and relaxation in Les 2 Alpes 

After a day on the slopes, the resort offers various options to relax and enjoy the mountain atmosphere:

  • Bars and restaurants: From the top to the valley, a variety of bars and restaurants await you to taste local specialties in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Wellness activities: The wellness centers and spas of Les 2 Alpes invite relaxation and relaxation, to relax after the effort.

Les 2 Alpes stands out for its ability to offer top quality spring skiing, while offering a range of après-ski activities that will satisfy all desires. Whether you are there to improve your technique on the slopes or simply to enjoy the majestic setting of the Alps in April, Les 2 Alpes promises a memorable experience.

To discover all that Les 2 Alpes has to offer and prepare your ski equipment, visit our page Les 2 Alpes.

Alpe d'Huez: Sun, skiing and panoramic views

Alpe d'Huez, nicknamed Île au Soleil, is a destination of choice for spring skiing enthusiasts. With an altitude ranging from 1,860 to 3,330 metres, this resort offers superior snow and ideal ski conditions, even in April. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, Alpe d'Huez promises bright and pleasant ski days, perfect for those looking to combine sport and relaxation under an azure sky.

Alpe d'Huez

Why choose Alpe d'Huez in April? 

Apart from its reliable snow cover and exceptional sun exposure, Alpe d'Huez stands out for the diversity of its ski area. Suitable for all levels, from the green slope to the black tunnel, the resort offers a variety of terrain that will appeal to every skier or snowboarder.

Activities to discover at Alpe d'Huez 

  • La Sarenne: Dare the descent of the longest black track in the world, a real challenge for seasoned skiers.
  • Dog sledding: Live a unique and authentic experience by exploring the snowy landscapes of Alpe d'Huez, pulled by a team of dogs.
  • Paragliding flight: For a dose of adrenaline and breathtaking views of the Alps, let yourself be tempted by a paragliding flight over the resort.

The après-ski at Alpe d'Huez 

After a day on the slopes, Alpe d'Huez offers a multitude of options to make the most of your evening:

  • Heated outdoor pool: Relax in a heated pool with views of the snow-capped peaks, a moment of unforgettable relaxation.
  • Lively nightlife: With its many bars, pubs and discos, Alpe d'Huez is the ideal place for those who want to extend the day by having fun until the end of the night.

Alpe d'Huez is a real invitation to discover skiing in spring at its best. Between its varied slopes, its many activities and its lively après-ski atmosphere, the resort promises a stay rich in emotions and memories.

To know everything about Alpe d'Huez and book your ski equipment, visit our page dedicated to Alpe d'Huez.

La Plagne: The spring of family skiing par excellence 

La Plagne, with its vast ski area and family atmosphere, is the ideal destination for those looking to combine skiing in spring and moments of sharing with family or friends. Located in the heart of Savoie, this resort offers a variety of slopes that will satisfy both beginners and experienced skiers, all in a spectacular setting.

La Plagne

Why choose La Plagne in April? 

One of the main assets of La Plagne is its snow quality, supported by an altitude ranging from 1,250 to 3,250 meters. In April, skiers can still enjoy excellent snow, especially at altitude, where conditions remain ideal for spring skiing.

Key activities in La Plagne 

  • Family skiing: La Plagne is known for its areas dedicated to families and beginners, where young and old can learn and progress safely.
  • Paragliding and Speed Riding: For a dose of adrenaline and a breathtaking view of the Alps, let yourself be tempted by paragliding or speed riding.
  • Bobsleigh: Enjoy a unique experience on the Olympic bobsleigh track, open to the public and offering guaranteed thrills.

Après-ski and relaxation in La Plagne 

The resort has plenty of options to enjoy après-ski, whether to relax or to continue exploring:

  • Aquatic areas: Enjoy a moment of relaxation in one of the resort’s aquatic centers, perfect for a relaxing après-ski with the family.
  • Mountain restaurants: Enjoy local cuisine in one of the many mountain restaurants, offering exceptional views of the snowy peaks.

La Plagne proves to be a privileged choice for those who wish to enjoy the last snows of the year in a friendly and warm atmosphere. It is the perfect place to ski in spring while enjoying a multitude of activities for all ages.

Prepare your stay in La Plagne and find the ideal equipment for the whole family by visiting our page dedicated to La Plagne.

Val d'Isère: The Elegance of Spring Skiing

Val d'Isère, jewel of the French Alps, embodies the elegance and charm of spring skiing. Known for its exceptional ski area shared with Tignes, this resort offers an unparalleled skiing experience, combining demanding slopes and breathtaking landscapes. With an altitude of up to 3,450 metres, Val d'Isère promises top-quality snow, even in April, for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

Val d'Isère

Why is Val d'Isère a must in April?

Beyond its exceptional snow cover, Val d'Isère seduces with its chic mountain village atmosphere, its high-end services and its lively après-ski life. In April, the resort comes alive with a special atmosphere, where the spring sun highlights the beauty of the landscapes and allows you to fully enjoy the terraces and outdoor activities.

Activities not to be missed in Val d'Isère 

  • Ski touring: Explore the wild and preserved landscapes of Val d'Isère through ski touring, an unforgettable adventure for nature lovers.
  • Heliskiing: For thrill seekers, heliskiing offers privileged access to virgin and spectacular descents in the nearby Italian Alps.
  • Heated outdoor pool: After a day on the slopes, relax in the heated outdoor pool, offering stunning views of the snowy peaks.

Après-ski in Val d'Isère 

Val d'Isère is also renowned for its elegant and friendly après-ski, with a varied offer for all tastes:

  • Gastronomy: Dine in one of the many starred restaurants or enjoy local specialties in a warm atmosphere.
  • Luxury shopping: Stroll through the resort’s boutiques to discover luxury brands and local artisans, for an unforgettable memory of your stay.
  • Lively evenings: The bars and clubs of Val d'Isère welcome you for festive evenings, where good humor and sharing are always at the rendezvous.

Val d'Isère perfectly combines the demands of high-level skiing with the charm of an elegant and welcoming resort, making it a destination of choice for a luxurious and memorable spring ski.

To plan your getaway to Val d'Isère and discover our range of equipment adapted to this unique experience, visit our page Val d'Isère.

Les Arcs: Your spring playground in high altitude

Les Arcs, with its avant-garde architecture and direct access to Paradiski, one of the largest ski areas in the world, is a destination of choice for spring skiing. Spread over four different altitudes (Arc 1600, Arc 1800, Arc 1950, and Arc 2000), this resort offers a variety of slopes and activities that captivate both families and seasoned skiers.

Les Arcs

Why do Les Arcs shine in April?

At the end of the season, Les Arcs still enjoys excellent snow, especially in the highest areas such as Arc 2000. The variety of the area allows everyone to find their happiness, from wide and gentle slopes for beginners to descents committed for experts. In addition, the panorama on Mont Blanc from some points of the resort is absolutely breathtaking.

Must-see activities in Les Arcs 

  • Speed riding: Combine skiing and paragliding to descend the slopes with a sail, offering a totally unique sliding experience.
  • Sledging: Enjoy the long toboggan run of several kilometers for a moment of pleasure shared with friends or family.
  • Hiking or snowshoeing: Discover the beauty of mountain scenery in spring, when nature wakes up, through marked trails.

Après-ski in Les Arcs 

The resort is not left out for relaxation and entertainment, with options for all tastes:

  • Aquatic centers: Dive into heated pools for a moment of relaxation after a day of skiing.
  • Bars and concerts: Les Arcs offers a dynamic nightlife, with many bars and spaces where concerts are regularly organized.

Les Arcs stands out for its ability to offer a diverse and enriching spring skiing experience in a modern yet natural setting. Go to the page dedicated to the resort of Les Arcs to reserve your equipment. 

Chamonix: The mountaineering and skiing experience at the foot of Mont Blanc

Chamonix, cradle of mountaineering and legend of the world ski, is an essential destination for skiers looking for an authentic and demanding experience. Located at the foot of Mont Blanc, the resort offers exceptional ski conditions in April, with access to legendary slopes and world-renowned off-piste routes.


Why choose Chamonix in April?

Chamonix seduces with its wild and preserved character, offering snow conditions and landscapes that remain impressive even in spring. It is also the ideal time to enjoy high mountain routes in milder conditions.

Key activities in Chamonix 

  • Ski touring and mountaineering: Explore the iconic routes of the Chamonix Valley, with experienced guides for a memorable adventure.
  • Vallée Blanche: A descent on the ice sea, accessible by ski, offers an unforgettable experience through the breathtaking icy landscapes.
  • Montenvers Train: Visit the ice sea and discover the ice caves carved each year for a unique cultural and natural experience.

Après ski in Chamonix 

Chamonix is also known for its vibrant après-ski and rich heritage:

  • Spas and wellness: Spas with breathtaking views of Mont Blanc offer relaxation and relaxation after an active day.
  • Gastronomy: The resort is full of restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Savoyard cuisine and gourmet dishes.

Chamonix offers a perfect combination of sporting challenge and natural beauty, making it a destination of choice for those who wish to live an extraordinary spring skiing experience in the majestic setting of Mont Blanc.

Méribel: The Beating Heart of the 3 Valleys in Spring

Méribel, located in the heart of the 3 Valleys, is famous for its typical Savoyard charm and access to one of the largest ski areas in the world. In April, Méribel lights up under the spring sun, offering skiers ideal conditions to enjoy the slopes until the last days of the season.


Why Méribel in April?

With its wooden chalets and trails winding through the forests, Méribel offers a picturesque and exhilarating spring skiing experience. The snow cover remains excellent, thanks to the high altitude of some areas of the area, and the longer days allow to fully enjoy the many activities of the resort.

Must-see activities in Méribel

  • Dog sledding: Discover the snowy landscapes of Méribel in an original and memorable way, in the company of Nordic dogs.
  • Paragliding: Admire the valley from the air for an adrenaline rush and unforgettable panorama.
  • Ski or snowshoe hikes: Explore the trails of Méribel and discover the mountains in spring, a season where nature wakes up.

Après-ski in Méribel 

The charm of Méribel extends well beyond the slopes, with a rich and varied après-ski:

  • Spas and wellness: Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in one of the resort’s many spas.
  • Bars and nightlife: Méribel’s après-ski atmosphere is friendly and lively, with bars and meeting places for all tastes.

Méribel is a destination of choice for those looking for an authentic and upscale skiing experience in April, combining sport and relaxation in an exceptional setting.

Courchevel: Luxury and exclusive skiing under the spring sun

Courchevel, star of the Tarentaise, is synonymous with luxury and excellence in the world of skiing. With its five villages at different altitudes, the resort offers a unique skiing experience in April, where snow conditions are optimized by an expert management of the ski area.


Why Courchevel in April?

Courchevel attracts skiers looking for an exclusive experience, combining impeccable slopes, high-end services and breathtaking scenery. The spring sun adds a magical touch to the experience, warming up the terraces of the altitude restaurants and illuminating the peaks.

Key activities in Courchevel 

  • Heliskiing: Enjoy unique access to unspoiled descents in the Italian and Swiss Alps, for an unparalleled off-piste skiing adventure.
  • Hot air balloon rides: Watch Courchevel from above for a peaceful and majestic experience at sunrise or sunset.
  • Toboggan runs: Have fun on the toboggan runs, accessible to all ages, for memorable memories with family or friends.

Après ski in Courchevel 

Courchevel’s exclusivity is also reflected in its après-ski offer, with a wide choice of relaxation and entertainment activities:

  • Luxury wellness centres: High-end spas and wellness treatments await you for total relaxation after a day of skiing.
  • Michelin-starred gastronomy: Discover the flavours of haute cuisine in the resort’s many Michelin-starred restaurants.

Courchevel is the ideal place for those who wish to live an end of ski season in luxury and exclusivity, offering a perfect combination of sport, relaxation, and gastronomy under the spring sun.

Tips to make the most of your spring skiing

Spring skiing offers a unique experience on the slopes, but it also requires a slightly different preparation than winter. Here are some recommendations to maximize your enjoyment and comfort on your spring sun descents:

  • Adapted equipment: Opt for lighter and more breathable ski clothing to adapt to milder temperatures. The overlays are ideal to adjust your outfit according to the variable weather.
  • Sun protection: The spring sun can be misleading, especially at altitude. Apply high protection sunscreen regularly to all exposed areas and wear sunglasses or a mask with adequate UV protection.
  • Hydration: With higher temperatures and physical exertion, be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid dehydration.
  • Ski hours: Enjoy the first hours of the day to ski, when the snow is still firm. In the late morning and afternoon, the snow can become softer, which changes the sliding conditions.

By following these tips, you will be perfectly equipped to enjoy skiing in spring, combining pleasure and safety.

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