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The best skiing phone app

Nov 30, 2020
The best skiing phone app


Whether you want to check the weather forecast, find out which ski slopes are open, calculate the number of kilometres travelled or even keep your hands warm, your smartphone can become a precious ally during your stay in the mountains. With the winter holidays fast approaching, you'll soon discover a selection of essential applications that you can download to get down the snowy slopes.


Available free of charge on iOS and Android, bergfex/Ski is a particularly comprehensive mobile application. It offers a wealth of detailed information on ski slopes around the world (France, Italy, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, etc.). You will find a ski resort slope map, weather forecasts, prices, a list of available accommodation and even rental points for your equipment. You will also have access to more than 5,000 webcams so that you can observe the practice conditions in real time. To take advantage of additional functionalities, bergfex/Ski has a paid version without advertising (2.99 € per year).


SKI+ Tracking GPS is a ski application that allows you to record the distance travelled on the slopes of your favourite ski resorts throughout the day. In addition to the number of kilometres of descent, SKI+ Tracking GPS also takes into account performance indicators such as height difference (positive and negative), speed or altitude.

SKI+ Tracking GPS distinguishes itself from competing applications by offering you the opportunity to carry out numerous challenges and compare your performance with that of your friends or skiers and snowboarders from all over the world.

SKI+ Tracking GPS is free to download on iOS and Android.


Developed by Rossignol, the famous winter sports equipment manufacturer, Ski Pursuit also offers you to record the performance of your runs during each day of skiing. This social mobile application allows you to share with your friends on Facebook numerous data such as your average or maximum speed, the distance covered, the duration of practice or the difference in altitude. It includes a "Hitchhiking" function to stop the recording as soon as your speed is less than 1 km/h.

Whether you practice downhill skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing, you can easily consult your statistics and follow your progress with precision. Ski Pursuit is one of the free apps available on iOS and Android.


Like the two previous applications, snoww allows you to record all your data in real time during a day on a ski area. In addition to the traditional information (distance, speed, etc.), snoww has the advantage of counting the number of calories expended while practising your favourite winter sport. This feature is ideal for enjoying a raclette at the end of the day without feeling guilty!

You will then be able to compare the different statistics with other users from all over the world. Finally, the application offers you the chance to win various trophies to encourage you to ski more and more.

Download now snoww for free on iOS and Android.


Pocket Heater is an original mobile application designed to warm your hands during your long days in the ski resorts. To do this, Pocket Heater deliberately overheats the internal system of your smartphone. While the result is quite effective, this free application is very energy-intensive and will drain your battery very quickly.


Winter sports are not without danger. In the event of an accident, especially if you practice off-piste, certain applications are therefore essential. Mammut Safety App is a ski application that is well known to mountaineers and ensures your safety. Designed by Mammut, a renowned Swiss brand, it informs you about the potential dangers of the high mountains and integrates precious tools such as a compass, an altimeter or an inclinometer. If you are a victim of an avalanche, the application gives you the possibility to indicate your GPS position to the rescue services in order to facilitate their intervention.


Mountain Peak AR is an application designed for Android. Intended for mountain enthusiasts, it uses augmented reality technology to allow you to discover the names of the peaks by simply pointing the camera on your phone. Mountain Peak AR is powered by an impressive database of over 400,000 qualified summits around the globe.


Skiinfo Ski & Neige allows you to consult a wide range of practical information in more than 2,000 ski resorts around the world (Europe, Scandinavia, North America, etc.). From the ski conditions to the weather in the resorts, including the slope maps, this platform is a real must-have. You will also have access to the webcams of the resorts so that you can check the snow cover of your favourite slopes. Finally, Skiinfo Ski & Neige allows you to find out what's going on in the resorts and take advantage of their good deals. Discover the Skiinfo Ski & Neige application free of charge on iOS or Android.


Finally, many resorts (sometimes grouped together to make life easier for riders) also offer their own official mobile application. As a general rule, you can find the latest news, complete weather reports, maps of the area, snow conditions, contact details of rescue stations and access webcams placed on the slopes. You can also sometimes book your stay directly here.

Resorts and areas such as N'PY (which includes 8 resorts in the Pyrenees, including Luz Ardiden, Cauterets and Gourette), Tignes, the 3 Valleys (which includes 7 resorts in the Alps, including Courchevel, Méribel and Val Thorens) and Risoul now offer their official ski resort applications... Thanks to these mobile applications with various functionalities available for your smartphone, you will now be able to optimise all your next ski holidays!