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Marianne and Hervé, parents of four young skiers, rent at Ski Republic

Feb 15, 2011
Marianne and Hervé, parents of four young skiers, rent at Ski Republic

" The father of Hervé lends us his apartment to Tignes. Fortunately, because we like both the ski and are anxious to take it the children at least one week a year. But it is sure that in 6, it is a real budget.

Then thank you father in law, and for the rest, we save up every month to finance these holidays, in particular skipass. Hervé and me, we have our own equipment. But for 4 children - 15, 13, 10 and 6 years - it is better to rent them.

The older has a great level (she ski better than his father, than that irritates), his younger child is a fan of snowboard pipe, the following one progresses and grows at sight of eye and the youngest promises. In brief, all this small world wants of the excellent equipment, and appreciates to be able to change it. Even the second sometimes agrees to change his snowboard against parabolic to come to ski off piste in family.

For us, Ski Republic is a chance of a lifetime. It is an unbeatable value for money with their offer two for one, the equipment is excellent and we can try everything. We reserve on Internet but we know the staff of the shop of Tignes. Very nice. Besides, to Ski Republic helmets are offered. And seen as the snow is hard this season, it is really necessary to put it. Even the adults. "