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Henri, a seasoned skier, hires from Ski Republic

Dec 23, 2010
Henri, a seasoned skier, hires from Ski Republic

“Skiing is a real pleasure for me. But it’s a demanding one. Thanks to my parents who lived up in the mountains, I learned to ski (virtually) at the same time as I learned to walk. I did a few competitions when I was young and as a student, then moved to the North of France for work.

I miss the mountains, and I head back there whenever possible. With the TGV, Lille is no longer so far away from the peaks. But it’s impossible to cart all the equipment I need around.

Now that I’ve discovered Ski Republic, it’s stress-free and I can travel light. It’s incredibly easy to book stuff on their site, they have outlets at all my favourite ski resorts (which often change) and their equipment is top quality. That means I can try out loads of stuff, and I love that.

On top of that, their “2 for 1” offer means I’ve been able to get a friend to come along with me to discover the snow. Er… when I say “come along”, that’s perhaps going a bit far. I ski a bit too hard for the poor “Northerner”! But he’s getting there! We meet up later for a glass of mulled wine, and on that front, he’s way ahead!”