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" Be hot after the ski "

Mar 16, 2011
" Be hot after the ski "

" The best advice not to be cold after the ski, it is not to be cold hanging. What means possessing an equipment adapted to the possible less windy 20 that we can meet in height. We send back to you to our article " to choose its ski wear " to review.

Besides technical fabrics, sublayers and feathers of down jackets, there are also the other means to fight against the cold. In particular that of the extremities, because they are the first one touched.

The disposable bedwarmers are very practical and little expensive. We find for hands, toes and body there. It is enough to shake them from the exit of their packaging so that they loosen of the heat during 6 or 8 hours. On the site, you will also find reusable models, heating soles, covers, and even survival kits. More rustic, there are also stokings(fire chambers) - hands with fuel: sticks or gasoline with lighter. Avoid making them carry to the children.

If nevertheless your equipment, you are cold after the ski, best it still is to put you in the warmth. Distrust hands frozen under the ardent water, and warm most rather by holding your cup of tea. Or of mulled wine, but then in moderation. "