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Snowboard Rental


Are you looking for a snowboard rental for your next holidays? Passionate about snow sports, you want quality, reliable and perfectly maintained equipment? Specialist in mountain sports, Ski Republic equips beginners and experienced snowboarders all over France. Book in a few clicks your snowboard equipment and protective accessories. For your comfort, discover a wide range of models, with a set of guarantees and advantageous offers. We also offer you a little guide to help you choose your snowboard and its accessories!


Let us guide you to book your snowboard online, outfit and accessories online. No sooner said than done: your equipment will be waiting for you on D-Day in one of our 110 rental shops in 63 winter sports resorts. A simple and effective time-saving solution that has already won over thousands of customers in France, Andorra and Italy.


Since 1998, the Danisports group has established itself as one of the specialists in mountain sports. What is our aim? To make outdoor activities accessible to as many people as possible, by facilitating access to top-of-the-range snow sports equipment. We address amateurs and enthusiasts of all ages: children, teenagers and adults.

With Ski Republic, you have access to a complete catalogue of ski equipment and winter clothing. A Racing section, for professional sportsmen and women, is entirely dedicated to competition.


  • Sliding equipment accessible in just a few clicks, from the Alps to the Pyrenees
  • Degressive rates, with our special offers for families and group orders
  • Guaranteed flexibility and simplicity, thanks to our cancellation option offered
  • Your skiing holiday is coming up? Get ready for a nice backside with family or friends!

Your skiing holiday is coming up? Get ready for a nice backside with family or friends!


Whether it's alipine skiing, freeride or freestyle, it's better to be well equipped to enjoy the sensations of sliding. With Ski Republic, find the best snowboard brands: Burton, Dakine, Nitro, Douchebags... That's not all! Accompany your snowboard with a winter outfit and high quality accessories. Find our :

  • winter clothes for women, men or children (jacket, jacket, trousers...)
  • board sports accessories (protective masks, adapted wallet...)
  • boots (snow boots, après-ski...)
  • ski packs or snow packs...

Snow packs include :

  • snowboard boards, delivered with their cover
  • snowboard boots from famous brands like Burton, Nitron, Vans...
  • snow bindings, to choose according to your size, level, riding style...
  • additional accessories (ski poles, bag...)


To allow the best possible sliding sensations, we offer snowboards of all brands, sizes and colours. Check the specifications of each product or use the filters to select the perfect board. You will find :

  • freestyle boards, for fans of acrobatic tricks, slides or flips in the snowparks
  • freeride boards, which will delight off-piste and thrill seekers.
  • all-mountain boards, to combine speed and tricks in a lighter way
  • special powder boards, with a longer spatula to "float" on the snow

Do you like boardercross type obstacle courses? Or do you prefer to go down in a straight line and feel the wind on your face? To each enthusiast his own snowboard!

We also offer equipment for children. The boards are light and easy to handle, making it easy to learn smoothly. They offer good shock resistance and excellent cushioning. Are you going with your family? Take advantage of an extra discount with an online snowboard rental!


Since its beginnings, Ski Republic has been committed to meeting the needs of its customers in an ever more precise and efficient manner. 98% of our customers are satisfied with our services and recommend our equipment and services.


Snowboards, snow boots, snow bindings... specify the characteristics of the equipment you want so that it meets your expectations. Here are our tips for renting the right equipment and enjoying exceptional sensations on the slopes.


The snowboards of Ski Republic come from the biggest brands: Douchebags, Burton, Dakine... Discover, for example :

  • the Burton family tree one hitter board, perfect for intermediate and expert riders. Playful and reactive, it has a very good grip and is ideal for all terrains.
  • the Nitro Prime Toxic board, recommended for beginners to intermediates! Easy to handle, it accompanies you smoothly in your learning process.

The boards are supplied with large covers with full-length zip fasteners. This protects your equipment from shocks and bad weather.


The sizes of the snowboards vary according to the size of the riders :

  • 150 to 180 cm for women
  • 160 to 190 cm for men

Find our size guide and enjoy the best prices!


Faced with the multitude of snowboards available, do you feel slightly overwhelmed? Which size and range to choose? What should you never forget when renting a snowboard?

1. Your morphology

Ski Republic offers snowboards for women, men and children. What's at stake? To help you handle them easily and make it easier for you to balance. Check out the categories and use the filters to find your way around. You'll always have access to the available sizes for the selected models.

What you need to know when rent your snowboard :

  • a board that is too short is very unstable
  • on the contrary, a board that is too long is difficult to manoeuvre.
  • it is better to choose a model that comes between your shoulders and your chin.

Attention: the width is also an important criterion:

  • for successful edging, your foot must not exceed it.
  • in order to maintain the turns, the board must not be too wide either.
  • the ideal snowboard will be the same size as your shoe size.

In any case, snowboarding is all about sensations and experience. They are variable according to each one!

2. Your level

The second criterion to take into account is your level of snowboarding. Less experienced snowboarders will turn to a very playful board, offering a better grip and easier to steer in turns. If you already have the technical basics, choose an intermediate board to maximize the sensations. Finally, expert riders, who like speed and big tricks, will prefer very reactive boards!

3. The type of ride for your holidays

As we have seen, there are several types of terrain: freestyle, freeride, powder... Before selecting your equipment, it's best to have in mind the program of your skiing holidays. Do you prefer to glide lightly along the slopes? Would you like to learn some basic tricks? Do you like off-piste skiing? In any case, read the product specifications carefully to choose the most suitable board. Generally, beginners prefer versatile models to try out all terrains.


Again, the choice of boots is a question of morphology and level. If you are a beginner, choose boots that are simple, flexible and easy to put on. Experienced riders will prefer stiffer boots to support them in complex movements. Resistant soles are ideal for easy ascents.


Snow bindings guarantee your safety during rides. It is imperative to take into account your morphology and your program. If you are a beginner, prefer "all mountain" bindings, adapted to all test terrain!

So, are you ready to slalom between the fir trees? Discover the snowboard offer proposed by your brand.


Ski Republic does everything possible to make your ride easier and make you spend a great holiday in the mountains. Take advantage of preferential rates for the rental of a snowboard pack.


With Ski Republic, simply rent your snowboard online. Simply select the equipment that suits you, specify your size and add the product to your basket. You then fill in the delivery address, depending on your ski area: Val Thorens, La Grande Motte, Courchevel, etc.

Here are our guarantees:

  • a rental of your snowboard in 24 hours
  • a possible payment in 3 or 4 installments
  • free return within 30 days
  • a "satisfied or refunded" offer
  • a free cancellation at the last minute

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Contact us for any further information about your snowboard hire.


Are you snowboarding with family or a group of friends? Here are the packs proposed by your brand:

  • a 4-pack offer, to benefit from a 5% discount from 4 equipments ordered
  • a Family Plus offer, with 5% discount for a child pack and an adult pack
  • a Group offer, allowing a 10% discount from 8 packs ordered onwards
  • a 6+1 offer, to benefit from a free seventh day for a weekly snowboard rental

Are you going on a skiing holiday soon? Discover now the range of snowboards, bindings and boots for children and adults! Yours will be waiting for you when you arrive in the resort!