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Our selection

A selection of rental equipment available in our shops. Choose from our wide range of high quality skis and snowboards, with equipment for every budget, which is regularly serviced in our centralized workshop. F.A.Q!
K2 - Amp RX

A budget ski, easy to ski on, perfect for beginners.

On piste: 80% Off piste: 20% (Men's, Women's)
Variofiber 73
Atomic - Variofiber 73

This ski is ideal for skiers wanting to improve. It is at its best on groomed pistes, where its easy turns will delight you. 

On piste: 80% Off piste: 20% (Men's, Women's)
Mini Skis
Salomon - Mini Skis

No need to be a pro to enjoy yourself! The Scratch Mini is superb fun and easy to master. This mini ski will allow you access to all the pistes.

On piste: 100% Off piste: 0% (Men's, Women's)
Temptation 80
Rossignol Temptation

A women’s ski for advanced skiers who are looking for a ski which performs well in all snow conditions and which can float in powder.

On piste: 50% Off piste: 50% (Women's)
Pro Mountain XTR 80
Fisher XTR pro
On piste: 90% Off piste: 10% (Men's)
Dreamcatcher 85
Roxy - Dreamcatcher 85

A fun ski, which is fantastic in powder, but also holds its own on-piste, due to its short turn radius which allows it to carve.

On piste: 50% Off piste: 50% (Women's)
Ripstick 96
Elan Ripstick

A ski for good skiers, who are looking for benefits from the latest technologies and which can cope with all snow conditions 

On piste: 45% Off piste: 55% (Men's)
Hero Elite LT
Rossignol Hero Elite Carbon LT

A ski for good skiers who love carving up the piste at speed. You will love the Pro Tech technology and the Power Turn Rocker which enable you to start the turn more easily and with more speed, resulting in clean carving lines.

On piste: 100% Off piste: % (Men's)
WCup Rebels i.GSR
Head - Worldcup Rebels i.GSR_scale

A dedicated carving ski, reactive to your movements and stable at speed. This is the ski for those of you who love to carve fast, wide, linked turns.

On piste: 100% Off piste: 0% (Men's)
G Power FS IQ 7.5
G Power FS IQ 7.5

A high performance all-rounder, for advanced skiers. IQ and Early Rise technology gives this ski stability, fluidity but also the ability to ‘pop’ when needed. This skis will be ideal for skiers who are looking to carve up groomed pistes.

On piste: 80% Off piste: 20% (Men's)
Roxy Shima

This women’s ski is ideal for advanced skiers looking for a ski which benefits from the latest technology and which can cope with occasional forays into the powder!

On piste: % Off piste: % (Women's)
Temptation 84

One of best women’s all-terrain skis around. It is lively and reactive on piste, but wide enough under foot to make skiing off piste a pleasure too. For women skiers who are wanting to make the most of the whole resort.

On piste: 50% Off piste: 50% (Women's)
Rossignol EXP
On piste: % Off piste: % (Men's, Women's, Teen)
Subculture - snowboard
K2 Subculture Wide Snowboard

A snowboard which will suit riders who are looking to enjoy each and every run, from groomed pistes to deep powder.

On piste: 50% Off piste: 50% (Men's, Women's)
My First
Dynastar My First
On piste: % Off piste: % (Children's)
Dynastar Salsa
On piste: % Off piste: % (Children's)
Terrain Boy
On piste: % Off piste: % (Children's)
Terrain Girl
Rossignol Jr Girl Terrain
On piste: % Off piste: % (Children's)
Supershape SLR
Supershape SLR
On piste: 80% Off piste: 20% (Children's)
Hero Jr
Rossignol Hero Jr Skis

For good intermediate to advanced skiers - 7 to 12years - Maximum height 160cm.

On piste: 100% Off piste: % (Children's)
Kennedy Jr
Faction - Kenney Jr

For teen of all levels - 13 to 15 years old, maximumm height 170 cm.

On piste: 60% Off piste: 40% (Teen)