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Our shops in Orcieres Merlette 1850

Orcieres Merlette 1850


From Dec 12, 2020
To Apr 18, 2021
Up to 55% discount


Orcieres Merlette 1850

Station's Informations:

Orcières 1850 is the perfect marriage of all that is important for a ski resort - a rare union between the sunny Southern Alps and the snow-covered Northern Alps. This resort is family oriented and convivial, and you won’t get bored with its 100km of ski runs! There’s something here for all the family: there are many activities besides skiing to be found in Orcières ! Not only is there the “Palais de Sports” (swimming pool, ice rink, bowing, games arcade) but outside you can try (in summer!) the longest zip line in Europe, and in winter there’s even more to choose from: dog sledding, nights in an igloo, frozen waterfalls, ballooning, paragliding, speed riding, as well as astounding snowshoe trails are waiting for you!

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