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The ski rental in Chantemerle

Why Chantemerle is the perfect place to rent ski equipment

When you arrive in Chantemerle, head to one of our quality ski rental shops, ready to equip yourself for your adventures on the slopes. Ski rental is the first step towards busy days on the snowy slopes of Serre-Chevalier.

The advantages of renting online

To facilitate your stay, we offer on our website Ski Republic ski booking online, allowing you to save time and benefit from advantageous discounts. Indeed, you just have to fill in your dates of stay as well as your destination then select the equipment most adapted to your profile. Finally, you can add options like babysitting or theft insurance. Remember to book your equipment in advance, especially during the high season, to avoid disappointment. Make sure you choose the equipment that suits your skill level and your skiing style.

The type of material available

Online and in-store, we offer a wide range of ski equipment, from alpine skis to snowboards and equipment for beginners or experts. You will find everything you need for an optimal sliding experience.

For your ski rental in Serre-Chevalier, our 4 ski shops in Serre-Chevalier are Precision Ski Reysports - Chantemerle, Freeride Sport Rent - Monêtier-les-Bains, Freeride Sport Rent - Chantemerle and Freeride Sport Rent - Villeneuve who will welcome you in their premises.

Discover the resort of Chantemerle

Chantemerle, the authentic district of Serre-Chevalier

Located in the heart of the French Alps, Serre-Chevalier is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. Among the districts of this vast ski resort, Chantemerle stands out as an exceptional place for an unforgettable mountain experience.

Winter sports and cultural activities

Besides skiing and snowboarding, Chantemerle offers a variety of exciting winter activities. You can enjoy ice skating, snowshoeing, or relaxing in the local spas. In addition, do not miss the opportunity to discover the history and culture of the region through its museums and architectural heritage.


Chantemerle comes alive in the evening with its warm restaurants, friendly bars, and lively evenings. Enjoy après-ski in a festive atmosphere and discover the tasty cuisine of the region.

Special Events

Chantemerle resort regularly hosts events, such as ski competitions, cultural festivals, and local markets. These moments of conviviality are an integral part of the Serre-Chevalier experience.


Chantemerle offers a variety of accommodation options, from rustic cottages to luxury hotels. You will find the perfect place to relax after a busy day on the slopes.

The ski area

The Serre-Chevalier ski area is one of the largest in Europe, covering more than 250 kilometres of slopes, making it an ideal playground for lovers of skiing. The slopes extend over several slopes of the valley, each offering a unique skiing experience. The names of the different sectors, such as Villeneuve, Monêtier-les-Bains, and of course Chantemerle, are all promises of discovery and adventure.

Name of the surrounding mountains

In this area, you can admire the majestic mountains of the Alps, including the Prorel and the Grand Serre. These imposing peaks offer a breathtaking panorama.

A paradise for all levels

This ski area offers slopes for all levels, from beginners to experienced skiers and snowboarders. Beginners will appreciate the wide and gentle slopes, while experts will embark on the assault of technical descents and exciting off-piste areas. Snowpark enthusiasts will also find their happiness with world-class facilities.

The magic of the landscapes

The beauty of the alpine landscapes that surround the slopes of Serre-Chevalier is undeniable. Skiers and snowboarders have the chance to hit the mountains while enjoying exceptional panoramic views. Pine forests, picturesque villages, and snowy peaks create an enchanting atmosphere that adds to the magic of gliding.

A complete experience

Whether you are a keen ski enthusiast or you just prefer to walk on the slopes to admire the scenery, the Serre-Chevalier ski area has something for everyone. The combination of the diversity of the slopes, the breathtaking landscapes, and the warm hospitality of the region makes this destination a favorite place for winter sports enthusiasts from around the world.

Access to the resort

Chantemerle is easily accessible by car from Briançon, and a well-organized shuttle service transports you from regional airports. In addition, the Briançon train station provides quick access from Paris and other French cities.
Chantemerle in Serre-Chevalier embodies the magic of the French Alps, offering an exceptional winter experience. Whether you are passionate about skiing, snowboarding, or just looking to relax and soak up the mountain culture, Chantemerle has it all. Don’t forget to book your ski equipment online for a hassle-free experience. Come and live unforgettable moments in this corner of alpine paradise.

For more information on ski rental in Chantemerle, do not hesitate to contact us on our website where our experienced team will be happy to help you.

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