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Terms and conditions


Updated on 23 November 2021



The company, SR SPORTS SAS (RCS Chambéry 807 774 708, siège social: LD LES VIGNES BLANCHES - 73600 SALINS LES THERMES, France), owner of the brand SKI REPUBLIC provides via this website, the wherewithal to make reservations of winter sports equipment, including but not limited to: skis, snowboards, boots, poles and helmets.

Booking winter sports equipment via our website implies acceptance of the general conditions specified below.

These terms and conditions govern the rental by SKI REPUBLIC of ski or snowboard equipment to the Client via this website. Anyone wishing to rent material through this site must identify themselves to become a Client. For this purpose, they will fill out the information requested online, including their surname, first name and postal address.

In accordance with article 34 of the amended law 78.17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms, the Client has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete his personal data. He may exercise this right by sending a letter to:


2 rue de Trèves,

73700 Seez

Or by sending an email to:

By “clicking” that he agrees to the Terms and Conditions and the summary of his rental displayed on the screen at the end of the online reservation process, the client shows his commitment, knowledge and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out below.

CLIENT definition.

"Client" is defined as any person renting material on the website and paying for this rental. A Client may rent equipment for several persons but will be solely responsible for these rentals to SKI REPUBLIC.

SKI REPUBLIC definition.

SKI REPUBLIC is defined as a network of stores belonging to or affiliated with SR SPORTS and the website www. may be referred to hereinafter as the "Website"

RENTAL STORE definition

Rental Store is defined as a member of the SKI REPUBLIC network of stores listed on the Website.


The Client declares themselves to be at least 18 years old and with legal capacity to contract online whilst respecting the present Terms and Conditions; or has parental authorization to make a reservation on the Website.

The rental rates depend on the category of equipment chosen by the Client, from the categories proposed by SKI REPUBLIC.

The categories of equipment, the services and the applicable tariffs are detailed on the website, the Client contracts to hire equipment from within a category and not a specific model.

The general characteristics of each of the categories proposed appear on the Website, as well as at least one example of each category.

The Client selects and therefore reserves a category of equipment. The examples of materials given are for information only and have no contractual value.

SKI REPUBLIC reserves the right to modify its categories during the season, as well as the applicable rental rates. The price of the hire is determined by the category of equipment booked, the rental period chosen and the date of the booking. The current price is the one displayed on the website when booking. This has contractual value only once the booking has been confirmed and the payment of the deposit referred to in Article 2 made.

The rental rates and discounts available on the SKI REPUBLIC website are only available for bookings made via the Website ( and are unable to be applied to in-store reservations. Thus, any equipment rental carried out directly within the Rental Store (without prior reservation on the Website) will be at the public rate of the Rental Store.

  • The Family offer cannot be combined with the 4 packs offer or the Group offer. The most advantageous offer will automatically be applied to the basket. The offer is visible in the basket summary throughout the booking process.
  • The 4 packs offer applies to one and the same order, including at least 4 packs and is unable to be combined with the family offer. It cannot be applied retroactively to several existing orders.
  • The Group offer applies to a single order, including at least 8 packs. It cannot be applied retrospectively to several existing orders nor can it be combined with the family offer.
  • Discount codes are not cumulative, they must be entered in the basket during the online booking process.

No refund will be given for a wrongly entered or forgotten promotional/discount code, the corresponding discount cannot be retroactively applied to the order. Only one promotional code or discount can be used per order.

In the case of discounts through partnerships with specific companies / organizations, the Client will be asked to justify their membership and therefore any discount received, when collecting equipment in resort.

All promotional codes whether published online or via newsletter, are valid for a predetermined duration and in participating shops only.  Please contact our customer support for dates and find a list of participating shops HERE.

SKI REPUBLIC offers a 7th day of hire for free on internet reservations of 6 days.  This offer is for 7 consecutive days of hire.  To benefit from this offer the Client must select the specific duration of 6 days +1 Free at the beginning of their online reservation.

SKI REPUBLIC will charge the Client a booking fee in addition to the rental price. This fee amounts to one euro (€1) per equipment.


When booking on the Website, the Client first selects the Rental Store from which they wish to rent equipment from and the dates of their hire. The Client then selects the desired category of equipment.

After selection of the equipment, the Client will be asked to confirm their reservation. The Client has the possibility to pay either 100% of the reservation or a deposit of 30%. Only the payment of the deposit or full payment of the reservation has the effect of registering the booking by the Client on the website.

Payments must be made using a credit card: cards bearing the acronym CB, cards bearing the "Visa" or "Mastercard" mark accepted in France, as well cards issued within the international framework regulated by GIE Cartes Bancaires.

The hire agreement will come into effect when the card issuer authorises payment. In case of refusal by the card issuer, SR SPORTS SAS reserves the right to cancel the booking.

The reservation is concluded after receipt by SR SPORTS SAS of the agreement from the central network of bank cards concerning the payment of all or part of the reservation (deposit or 100%) and reception by the Client of an email of confirmation of the consideration of the reservation, these two conditions being cumulative; the Store Owner undertakes vis-à-vis the Client, to rent to the latter, the material reserved in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the reservation and these Terms and Conditions. The Client agrees to take the said reserved material in the same manner.


For safe and secure payments, Ski Republic cooperates with BNP Paribas, the publisher of the Mercanet payment solution. Mercanet makes internet transactions easy and reliable.

Each transaction is encrypted, no bank data is recorded on our site. The payment platform uses 3D secure which validates the credit card number, expiry date and cryptogram.


The Client has a legal cooling off period of 14 calendar days from the date of payment. During this period the Client can, if they so wish, cancel their order and receive a full refund.

This right to cancel an online booking can no longer be exercised once the Client has collected the equipment booked from the Rental Store.

On top of our legal obligation of a 14 day cooling off period SR SPORTS gives their Clients the possibility to cancel their reservation(s) free of charge and with full refund up until 24 hours before the start of the rental period*.

The Client must notify SKI REPUBLIC of any request to cancel or modify their reservation by email using the address The Client may also use the cancellation form found in the "contact" page of our website.

Any refund due will be processed within a maximum period of 30 days, by crediting the bank card used during the online reservation process.

* 100% REFUND WILL BE GIVEN excluding the cost of the breakage and theft guarantee, any reserved insurances and the booking fee. In the case of partial cancellation, the same applies solely to the cancelled material.



Possible reasons  for cancellation*


  100% payment on line or 30% deposit

Accident, illness, hospitalisation, death (including relapses) of the client, their partner or a member of their family.

• Up until 1 day before the 1st day of hire 100 % of the payment made will be refunded. Not including the cost of the guarantee any insurance or the booking charge

• From 1 day before the 1st day of the hire; NO REFUND will be given

In the case of a partial annulation (cancellation of certain equipment only) the amount refunded will apply exclusively to the cancelled material.

Pregnancy unknown when the reservation was made.

Change in professional standing (new role, transfer, dismissal)

Cancellation of paid holidays


Airport infrastructures, railway stations, road closures due to bad weather, strikes…

Refusal of tourist visa

Theft of identity card or passport occurring 48 hours before departure

 Motives are given as examples only. The right to cancel can no longer be exercised once the client has collected the equipment from the shop. 


5.1: Description of the Damage and Theft Guarantee

Conditions and procedures

The client has the opportunity when booking to purchase our Damage and Theft Guarantee, which mitigates their liability in the case of theft or damage (total or partial) to their hired equipment in the following instances:

  • In case of DAMAGE during the rental period
  • In case of THEFT during the rental period

The guarantee can be taken out at the time of making the reservation online or in the shop when picking up equipment. In both cases the following conditions apply.

  • The guarantee does not cover the loss or accidental substitution of ski equipment during the term of the rental period.
  • The guarantee covers only the named person and can only be applied to one coverable circumstance.
  • On the internet the guarantee can only be taken at the time of booking the rental equipment and cannot be added afterwards.
  • In the shop the guarantee may only be taken at the time of equipment collection and may not be added thereafter.
  • In no circumstances may the guarantee be reimbursed.

The cost of this Guarantee is determined by the category of equipment hired along with the duration of hire, as set out below:





Kid Initiation : 95€



Junior Evolution : 150€



Junior Sensation : 200€



Junior-Ado Performance : 250€



Budget : 300€



Initiation : 400€



Evolution : 500€



Sensation : 600€



Performance & Performance W : 700€



Prestige & Prestige W : 800€



A 15% reduction is applied for each season of hire; once an equipment has been hired out twice it is considered as being a season old.

In the case of damage, the participation is fixed by forward agreement contract, without ever exceeding the prices indicated above.

Membership Certificate N ° L1147375-0045 to the police group n ° 1 147 375 Subscribed to ALLIANZ by DIOT MONTAGNES ASSURANCES available on

Client’s Obligation in the event of a claim

1. In the event of theft of equipment, the Client will provide the Rental store with the statement of theft from the police, along with:

ID of the person whose equipment has been stolen and ID of the person who made the reservation

Copy of the receipt

Copy of the rental document provided by the shop

Copy of these Terms and Conditions

2. In the event of damage to the ski equipment, the Client will bring back the damaged equipment back to the hire shop.

In both cases, a claim form must be completed by the Client and the Store Owner, the form will then be sent to the SKI REPUBLIC Customer Service along with the following documents:

• Copy of the Police statement (in the event of theft)

• Copy of the Client's reservation

• Copy of shop rental form

• Copy of the Client’s ID

5.2: Description of the Carre + Insurance

The Terms and Conditions of the Carré + insurance can be consulted HERE

The Carré + Insurance covers you for:

Search and rescue

Accidental damage

Theft of rented equipment

Reimbursement of lift passes

Unused hire and ski lessons

Carré + insurance also includes repatriation assistance, to clients whose primary residence is based within the European Union or Switzerland.


Once the rental period has started and the equipment collected from the shop, the Client is liable for the full cost of the online reservation.

6.1 Cancelation due to accident, or death.

In the event of illness or accident involving the client (or the person for whom the equipment was rented) during the term of the rental period, the lease of the material remains in effect.

In case of injury or illness of the customer during their holiday, the customer may return their equipment in advance. Upon presentation of a medical certificate, SKI REPUBLIC may refund the client in proportion to the days used. Any equipment returned after 10am will be considered as rented for the day.

A full day’s hire will be charged for equipment returned after 10am.

In all circumstances the refundable amount must never exceed the following formula:

Refundable Amount = Total price of rental – Price of the days used

6.2 Cancellation due to weather conditions

If the ski area where ski hire was taken COMPLETELY shuts, the days when the lifts were closed may be refunded, but only in the case where the equipment was returned to the store before 10am on the days concerned.

In the event of lack of snow, SKI REPUBLIC will not refund days hire where the equipment was not used.


A change in relation to the category, size and/or quantity of the reserved equipment must be made in accordance with the procedure set out below:

The Client must notify SKI REPUBLIC of any request to cancel or modify their reservation by email using the address The Client may also use the form found in the "contact" page of our website.

If the change is made within the legal withdrawal period referred to in Article 4, the difference between the two bookings will be subject to a refund or supplement that may not be less than the amount of one euro (€ 1).

If the change is made after the legal withdrawal period, any modification must be made at 24 hours before the start of the hire period and two situations may arise.

A - If the amount of the new reservation is higher than the initial reservation, a supplement payment equal to a minimum amount of one euro (1 €) must be paid on the website or in store.

B - If the amount of the new reservation is less than the initial reservation, a refund request may be made by sending an email to

If such a modification is effectuated, the balance left to pay maybe subject to change.



Modification of reservation: Cancellation or addition of equipment possible whilst maintaining the original discount rate *, modification of dates and / or ski resort without loss of the paid deposit up until 24 hours before the start of the rental period.

Large transport bag for your ski boots as well as a complimentary ski wax!

Refund of the last day of ski hire in the case of early departure, if the equipment is returned the day before the last day of skiing (bookings longer than 3 days), excluding insurance, guarantees and booking fees.

* Discount rate only maintained on the equipment packs of the initial booking. Packages added during a reservation modification will be impacted by the change of Internet discount rates and/or the expiration of a promotional code.

Snow Guarantee

The Snow Guarantee is an optional service (free to rentals from our Prestige category), which can be added on to your reservation at step 2 of the reservation process on If, during the hire period, the ski lifts serving the ski area are less than 50% open for at least an entire day, the SKI REPUBLIC clients who have taken out the Snow Guarantee through the website, will be able to ask for a refund of the day(s) that they have been unable to ski.

The percentage of closed lifts in the ski area served by the SKI REPUBLIC hire shop will be determined by either the tourist office of that resort or the lift company of that resort. Each client who has taken out the Snow Guarantee and who wants to use this guarantee will need to justify the percentage of lifts closed. This guarantee applies only when the ski area is less than 50% open for at least one entire day. Any refund request must be made by email to  Refunds are only available on ski and snowboard equipment and will be made on a pro rata basis.


The MultiRide service is an optional service (free with our Prestige category), which can be added on to your reservation at step 2 of the reservation process on It allows each client who has paid for this service to change his equipment within the range he has paid for. For example, skis to snowboard, or off piste skis to race skis. It is also possible to swap skis for snow shoes or a sledge.

You can change your equipment up to a maximum of three times during a week's hire, to try out different winter sports or to adapt to the snow conditions, within the limit of one equipment per day. Attention, this option does not enable you to ski every morning and snowboard every afternoon or vice versa. This option is valid in the original hire shop, during the opening hours of that shop and subject to availability.

Supplementary mid-week service

This service is an optional service (free with our Prestige category), which can be added on to your reservation at step 2 of the reservation process on The additional service is valid once during the reservation, it includes the waxing and brushing of the skis in the pack which has paid for this option. This option is valid in the original hire shop, during the opening hours of this shop and subject to availability.

Overnight Storage

Our Overnight Storage service is an optional service (free with our Prestige category), which can be added on to your reservation at step 2 of the reservation process on This service allows the Client to leave their equipment overnight at shop where they hired from, rather than carrying them to and from their accommodation. This option is valid in the original hire shop only, during the opening hours of this shop and subject to availability.

Further information concerning our ‘Services’

Each of the services listed above can be added to an order during the reservation process online for the amounts stated online at that time.

The services can only be reserved at the shop chosen for the reservation. Our services can only be offered during the shop’s opening hours.

SKI REPUBLIC is unable to provide these supplementary services outside of the normal opening times of the shop.

In the event of cancellation before arrival, services will be refunded in accordance with Article 4 of our Terms and Conditions. The cancellation, damage and theft guarantee cannot be refunded in any event.

In the event of cancellation in resort, at the start of or during the holiday, SKI REPUBLIC is unable to refund any service either on a full or partial basis.


The client will receive an e-mail confirming hire. Only this mail containing a summary of hire terms and conditions constitutes confirmation and definitively validates the transaction.

If the Client finds they are unable to be present on the first day of hire, the Client must inform SKI REPUBLIC as soon as possible by sending a message using the address or using the contact form on the Website.

The Rental Store is under no obligation to keep the Client’s online reservation any longer than until 10 am on the day following the first day of hire (as shown on the online reservation). After this period, the Reservation will be considered as cancelled by the Client; except in cases of force majeure. By Force majeure we mean any exceptional event, beyond the parties’ control, which could not have been foreseen at the time the reservation was made. The Client will lose the benefit of their reservation and the equipment will be returned to the rental shelves, the Client will not be able to claim a refund of the deposit and no compensation will be due. In such a case, the deposit remains with SR SPORTS SARL.

The hire equipment must be picked up from the shop where the reservation was made, and which is specified in the confirmation of reservation email.

The equipment is destined solely for the Client who made the reservation or for whom the reservation was made.

The hired materiel can be collected by the Client on presentation of a printed copy of the confirmation e-mail. In the absence of this we will require some form of identification from the Client along with the Order Number.

Any remaining balance due must be paid upon collection of the hired equipment. If the Client refuses to pay the remaining balance, the order will be cancelled, and no refund of the deposit will be made.

The Rental Store may also require a deposit to cover the risk of damage, theft or loss of the Rental Equipment. The amount and the terms of the deposit are fixed by the Rental Store. This deposit will be returned to the Client by the Rental Store the moment the materiel is returned in good condition and under the conditions specified in Article 9 hereof.

SKI REPUBLIC will supply the CHOSEN skis, or an EQUIVALENT MODEL from the same CATEGORY.

The equipment is destined solely for the use of the Client, with no possibility of lending or subletting to a third party even if not for profit. The Client is solely responsible for the equipment from the moment that they take possession.

The Client is the sole judge of their ability to use the rented equipment, SKI REPUBLIC bases its hire solely on declarations made by the Client. Any issues regarding the condition of the hire equipment must be reported to the Rental Store when picking up the equipment and must be recorded on the rental voucher. Failing this, no later claim will be accepted.

Bookings are made on the Website in the name of and on behalf of the Rental Stores, SR SPORTS SARL cannot be held responsible for any failure or delay in the provision of equipment by the Rental Shop concerned. If it is impossible for the Rental Store to provide the Client with the reserved equipment, the Rental Store shall endeavour to provide the Client with equipment of equal or superior quality at no extra charge.

The Customer may collect their rental equipment on the day before their first day of hire from 16:00 onwards, subject to availability and opening hours.


The return of the equipment is mandatory at the end of the rental period provided under the penalties provided by Article 314-1 of the Penal Code, without it being necessary to send a formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and without the Client being able to invoke any impediment.

Materiel must be returned to the shop from which it was taken.

The equipment must be returned at the end of the specified rental period as defined in the reservation.

All materiel returned after 10 o’clock in the morning on the day following the last day of hire will be invoiced to the Client as supplementary days at the public rates on display in the shop.

If the Client is unable to return the equipment for whatever reason, they will be invoiced and must pay SKI REPUBLIC late fees in addition (as detailed above) to the hire fees already paid.

The equipment is supplied in good condition and must be returned in the same state. The rented material, which is numbered and marked, must be returned with the same numbers and the same markings. The Customer remains liable for any damage to Hire Equipment, apart from normal wear or hidden defects. Any excessive damage, considered to have been caused by negligence on the part of the Client, will incur charges to the Client to replace or repair the equipment. The maximum charge for replacement/repair applied will be the cost of replacing the equipment “as new”. This sum will be in addition to hire fees already paid.

The client agrees that if a ski or snowboard can be repaired but not returned to a sufficiently safe state to continue renting it to the public, this ski will be considered ‘damaged beyond repair’ and the maximum amount for replacing the equipment ‘as new’ will be invoiced.  The client accepts that it is the qualified technician in the shop where the equipment was rented who will decide the seriousness and implications of any damage on the future rental of the broken equipment.

The Client expressly accepts that SKI REPUBLIC can appropriate, from his bank account, all sums due in case of late payment of CANCELLATION FEES or REPAIR/REPLACEMENT FEES, using the card number and expiry date supplied by the client.


SKI REPUBLIC may keep details of credit cards used by the Client for payment of hire, to permit compensation following the breakage or loss of one or more pieces of hired materiel, and/or to cover fees in case the Client does not return all the winter sports equipment they have hired (conditions defined in Article 10).

SKI REPUBLIC may also ask for a deposit, at the time of payment, for an amount no greater than the public sale price of the equipment. The deposit can be by cheque, credit card or debit card imprint or pre-authorization. The card is debited only in the event of loss, theft or non-return of the rented equipment. This authorization will no longer be valid after the return of the equipment in good condition.

If the Client has not taken the " Damage or theft Guarantee " offered on the Internet, or the "Damage or theft guarantee" offered on arrival in the store, they will be INVOICED in case of breakage or failure to return material (whether stolen or lost), in accordance with the charges set out in Article 5.

If the Customer has purchased the "Damage or theft guarantee" offered on the Internet (or "Damage or theft guarantee" offered on arrival Shop), they will benefit from preferential conditions in case of damage or theft of equipment they have rented from SKI REPUBLIC in accordance with the charges set out in Article 5.


SR SPORTS is committed to protecting the private life and data of its Clients and complies with all the relevant Data protection laws.

SR SPORTS is required to ask its Clients certain mandatory information, essential to the proper processing of orders for the sake of customer satisfaction. Other optional information is requested to meet more personalized criteria, to fulfill the legitimate expectations of our SR SPORTS Clients. This data is collected at the time the customer places their order and is likely to be transmitted to the network of Rental Stores of SR SPORTS in order to process the individual reservations.

The data is not disclosed to SR SPORTS commercial partners.


Pursuant to Article L-612-1 of the French Consumer Code, the network of rental stores forming SKI REPUBLIC, offer their Clients the possibility of taking any unresolved dispute regarding sales products or equipment hire to the mediation service CM2C. This service can be contacted either online at:


This contract is subject exclusively to French law.

In the event of any dispute relating to this contract or any litigation, the competent tribunal will be that of the registered office of the company SR SPORTS SARL (the court of Chambery) to which the parties give sole competence.