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Nov 29, 2012



Samuel Rochet from SKI REPUBLIC in Coches, and world champion junior in freestyle skiing, has agreed to answer our questions and to talk to us about one of the new entries into his hire range; the K2 Iron Maiden ski. 

1. Can you say in 3 words what defines Ski Republic for you? And why?

I would say the three words which best describe Ski Republic are price, quality and professionalism! Simply because the group offers its clients high quality materiel at the right price! That’s one of our strengths! We test our products so we can give our own opinion and we take account of the client returns so we can offer the best. And finally, professionalism because we are mountain professionals united by a common passion which we want to share.

2. What are your priorities in order to satisfy customers in your shop?

The key is the welcome! For me, customers should feel at home in our shop, so it’s indispensable to be irreproachable. When they come into the shop, they’re generally tired or in a hurry to get onto the pistes. We have to understand their needs and be reactive, the objective is to serve them quickly whilst making them feel welcome and giving them high quality service! If they’re in a receptive mood, we take the time to share our passion with them and it’s great to advise them and make them want to discover the mountain.

2. Why is it important to keep the rental equipment up to date?

Ski Republic has the best prices in the market in terms of hire, and wants to go even further by offering the best skis to its clients. So I’d say it is logical to keep our equipment range up to date. Today, people tend to do less sport and the equipment has evolved in consequence. Between the design, the skiability and the skier’s competence, our role as advisers is primordial and our goal is to offer equipment that performs, therefore new, and which meets the customer’s needs. Their opinion is fundamental because we want them to enjoy themselves on the pistes.          
We change 80% of our top end stock each year and also all of our equipment is checked and maintained throughout the winter to ensure quality and safety. This renewal and maintenance is the concrete expression of Ski Republic’s desire to offer the very best of skiing to its customers. 

3. Regarding the Iron Maiden skis, what extra value do they offer your customers?

These skis are exclusive to Ski Republic! We’re the only ski hire company offering K2’s Iron Maiden skis. The design makes it an amazing product. It is light and has twin tips, allowing you to have fun on and off piste, but does just as well in the snowpark. It’s a good compromise for starting Freeride, Freestyle or even going Backcountry. I’d recommend it for any skier, except beginners. It’s got everything to seduce you, and its top sheet will please those Iron Maiden fans out there. K2 is a skiing brand which understood the evolution of skiing before everyone else, inventing the rocker, skis with raised tips… they always want to go further and these skis are the proof. It’s a pleasure for us to recommend this ski because we know in advance that the customer is going to come back happy – we’re expecting at least 90% of our skiers to be satisfied


Grégory, ski instructor with Evo 2 in Les Arcs 1950 tested the Rossignol Pursuit 18 skis for Ski Republic. When he discovered us, he was impressed by our message and our revolutionary logo. Today he gives us his professional opinion on these new skis – available to hire at Ski Republic.

1. What does Ski Republic represent for you?

 For me, Ski Republic is a young and innovative brand in the marketplace, looking to establish commercial offers at interesting prices. But it’s also a group with a reputation for quality because every year they’ve got the latest skis in their hire range.  

2. You had the chance to try out the Pursuit 18 skis, how did they behave during the test?

I felt comfortable on these skis quite quickly. It’s a top of the range piste ski with a great design. It’s well balanced and holds well throughout the turn. Rossignol has created a demanding, responsive product which was satisfying and a pleasure to ride throughout the test. In addition to being perfect for the piste, I found they reacted well in the fresh snow at the edge of the run.

3. For you, what are this ski’s strengths and to what type of skier would you recommend them?

I’d say they have three main strengths. Firstly, it’s a good quality solid ski which you can use for multiple seasons. It has lots of technical capacity that you’ll not exhaust easily. Secondly, it allows you to approach any radius of turn calmly. And its third strength is its polyvalence on the snow. It copes well with all conditions on piste, whether that’s fresh snow or hardpack. It’s the Rolls Royce of skis if you want to improve

I wouldn’t recommend them for a beginner nor for an intermediate skier. You need to be a good skier to appreciate this demanding ski. In our jargon, we’d say this is a ski for people in class 3 ski. 



Carole is a passionate skier. She discovered Ski Republic whilst working in the French resort of les Arcs. She’s been trying out the Blizzard Viva ultra full Suspension skis with its IQ system for us. The Blizzard is available to hire from our Privilege range this winter.

1. Can you say in 3 words what defines Ski Republic for you? And why?

Firstly I’d say original. I see Ski Republic as a brand which stands out from the crowd with its fresh communication and its yellow and pink colours which break with traditional ski branding. 

 Next, I think passion, because the people working for Ski Republic are passionate about the mountain.

And my third word is dynamic! Because Ski Republic started as a small local company and has managed to grow its network of shops throughout the French mountain ranges.

2. How did the Blizzard Viva ultra full Suspension skis perform during the tryout?

They’re 100% piste skis which felt great to ride. In my amateur opinion, I found them to be demanding skis, gripping well and very stable, most notably when you pick up speed. They’re well adapted to all types of snow and hold well on the hard stuff. It’s a technical ski and requires some proficiency. They’re destined for good skiers looking for performance and who want to have fun.

3. What do Full Suspension and IQ technologies add to these skis?

Full Suspension technology reduces vibrations for maximum edge hold. Meanwhile the IQ system makes the ski more stable, which is really nice. They also have an impact on your body position which helps you while turning. I see them as an educational tool which guarantees extra comfort.