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SKADI : A ski guiding application and virtual game, winning you discounts!

Feb 1, 2018
SKADI : A ski guiding application and virtual game, winning you discounts!

Snowboard journalist Mark Barber tries out the Skadi app for the first time during December 2017 in Tignes – he shares his thoughts with us in this blog post

The Skadi app is without doubt one of the most interesting downloads I now have on my phone. I managed to try it out with a group of skiers and snowboarders on an early season trip to Tignes.

I will come to the Ski Trophy game later, but first and foremost, this subscription based app is an excellent piste navigator.  Using GPS tracking I could find out exactly where I was on the mountain and what runs I could take next.  Not only that, and just like a SatNav, I could touch on the screen where I wanted to ski to and the Skadi app would navigate me there using voice prompts!

It gets better. Using the Ski Safari option we could plan out our whole day.  It works by navigating the user depending on their ability.  For instance, you may be an intermediate skier and do not fancy the reds and blacks, so Skadi will find the best routes utilising only blue and green runs.

I had Bluetooth headphones and this worked amazingly well with the voice prompts. Some of my companions just had their phones in their chest pockets with the audio turned on full and this worked just fine.

But, the app is so much more than just a satnav for the slopes and this is where it gets interesting; Skadi also incorporates a game called Ski Trophy!

Scattered all around the slopes are virtual crystals and mythical creatures to collect.  Crystals are only worth one point, but mythical creatures are worth more - such as a Dwarf. But, we had to be careful as depending on the mood of the Dwarf, he would either give us points, or steal points from us!

The key to success is Skadi Power!  Skadi Power is an artefact that can be found on the slopes that will boost the crystal points that you collect.  You will have to work hard to find it, but worth the hunt as it will also boost your chances of catching bears and Dwarfs, as well as giving you a better chance of catching an IBEX (a true game changer!).  You will have to act quickly though, as Skadi Power only lasts for one hour.

It is so easy to use, simply look at your piste map on the app, click on a crystal or mystical creature that you want to collect, and Skadi will guide you there.

Of course, this is a great game to play with friends.  We compared the scores at the end of each day to see who earned bragging rights and a pint.  The loser had to perform a forfeit.

Here is the best part!  PRECISION SKI and SKI REPUBLIC have teamed up with Skadi and players can now redeem crystal points in PRECISION SKI and SKI REPUBLIC shops in Tignes and Val d’Isère for special offers:

150 Crystal points gives a choice of:          Free day ski or snowboard rental
Equipment servicing
10% off clothing and accessories

100 Crystal points gives a choice of:          5% off clothing and accessories
65% off ski rental for up to 4 people

Not only is the Skadi app great fun and engaging with the Ski Trophy game, it is also rewarding with the feature of being able to redeem the points with partners such as PRECISION SKI and SKI REPUBLIC.

I also consider the app a vital tool to have on your phone whilst skiing.  It will help users ski in confidence, eliminating the insecurity of not knowing what’s the best route to take.

The Skadi app can be download on IOS and Android.  It is subscription based but they do offer a one day FREE trial.

Check out the video here:

Download Skadi FIS app for free

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