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Sarenne Snow Bike 2017 in Alpe d’Huez

Apr 12, 2017
Sarenne Snow Bike 2017 in Alpe d’Huez

Saturday, April 15, 2017, come in Alpe d'Huez for a descent of mad, downhill mountain bike, on the mythical black piste of Sarenne. Every year, the ski resort organizes the Sarenne Snow Bike, which makes it possible to finish the winter season well!

Sarenne Snow Bike 2017 in Alpe d'Huez


The Sarenne Snow Bike: the meeting of daredevils

After the Megavalanche of the summer, it’s time to take place for the Sarenne Snow Bike 2017! The ski season is over, you must take your MTB.

Now equipped with snow cannons, the piste of Sarenne promises to be well snowed.

The start of this untimed descent will take place at the Pic Blanc at 3330 m altitude. It will end 16 km below, at 1460 m, in the village of Huez.

As much to say you must be a little daredevil, to start on this course, between snow and stony trails, with no less than 2000 m of negative drop!

At the arrival, a friendly snack will allow you to unwind, while exchanging your impressions with other participants.

And for the bravest of you, you can finish the day on the skis, taking advantage of the domain of Alpe d'Huez!


Prices and registration at Sarenne Snow Bike 2017

If you already have a valid ski pass on 16 April, the mountain bike and the meal are at 16 €.

For the package, the descent by mountain bike and the meal, the price is 32 € (+ skiing on the afternoon of April 16).

Finally, for the two-day package, mountain biking, meals and skiing on the afternoon of April 16th and Sunday April 17th will be 78 €.

To register, simply contact the resort of Alpe d'Huez on 04 76 80 30 30 or by email at the following address:


You know what awaits you this weekend!