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Ride & Respect #2 : start your Eco habits!

Mar 27, 2012
Ride & Respect #2 : start your Eco habits!

For your mountain holiday, Mountain Riders are offering you a series of videos full of ideas and initiatives put in place by various producers so you’ll be better informed, more involved and quicker into the fray!

“Ride and Respect”: get involved in your holiday!

After gloves, goggles and hat, don’t forget to pack your eco habits! So combine fun in the mountains with eco-citizenship and take action:

  • Bus and overnight train are better than traffic jams
  • Heating on full, or put on more wool?
  • The best rubbish is no rubbish…
  • Run a bath or sprint to the shower?
  • Off-piste…take care in ecologically sensitive environments.


So ride to the max…but not like an animal!


Mountain Riders, the association

Mountain Riders has worked since 2001 for the promotion of durable development in France’s various mountain environments. We want to work with the public and private sector, along with the 20 million yearly mountain visitors, towards concrete and durable ecologically respectful practices. Our philosophy: inform without moralising, work with everyone, and make change a positive step towards concrete alternatives!

Author : Camille Rey-Gorrez, Communication – Presse Mountain Riders