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Get fit for your ski Holidays

Feb 3, 2016
Get fit for your ski Holidays

Ski Republic has put together some tips to increase your fitness in preparation for your winter holiday. To make the most of your skiing holiday and to avoid injuries on the slopes have a look at these ideas:

1. Cardiovascular exercises

Just being at altitude means that your body needs more oxygen. It’s a good idea to improve your basic aerobic fitness with exercises such as running, mountain biking, cycling or swimming before your skiing holiday

2. Prepare your muscles

Skiing mainly uses leg muscles. Get your leg muscles prepared for your week’s skiing holiday and you will find that you’ll be able to ski for longer and with less leg burn from your very first piste!

One of the best exercises is the wall sit exercise!

(Maintain a sitting position (without a chair!), leaning against the wall, for as long as possible)

Also remember to use the stairs rather than the lift!

3. Stretch

Remember to perform regular stretching exercises focusing on the muscles of the lower part of your body. This will allow you to prepare your muscles before skiing and facilitate recovery after exercise.

4. Work on the flexibility of your joints and tendons

If you work your joints before skiing you will reduce the risk of injury. Don’t forget to work on your knees before your holidays by performing crunches or climbing stairs for example.

5. Work on your balance

Finally, skiing is a sport that requires balance skills. You can work your balance by performing simple exercises:

- One legged jumps over an obstacle

- Close your eyes and hold on one leg, standing on one leg for as long as possible.

- Practice slack line exercices