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How old to start skiing?

Feb 27, 2017
How old to start skiing?

On family skiing holiday, you are wondering at what age you will be able to make your child enjoy the joys of skiing. Should your little blonde head be forced to start with skiing or can he be introduced to snowboarding?

Many questions are jostling in your head! Here are some tips to share your passion with your toddler.


At what age can you start skiing?

Children also have their own ski equipment. According to their age, ski rental shops offer you ranges ranging from skiing to skiing to future champions.

Be aware that there is not really an ideal age to start skiing. It all depends on your child's motivation. Some can start skiing at 2 years, as others at 5 years old. You must take his envy into account and do not especially force him, at the risk of disgusting him.



At what age can you start snowboarding?

As for skiing, it is possible to start snowboarding from 2 years. Again, it talks about the motivation of your little rider and his habit or not to do sports.

Thanks to new structures and new equipment, snowboarding is much more accessible for children under 6 years old. In this sport, importance must be given to the balance and the sensation of gliding on the snow.



Our latest recommendations for a good start

Whatever discipline your child chooses, it must remain a game and must not exceed 1 hour per day, in order not to fatigue them.

Try to start learning on "garden" type structures and not directly on ski slopes open to the public.

Finally, the choice and the good state of the equipment are important. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask the professionals of the ski rental shops. The equipment must be adapted to the child's gauge for safety. Indeed, if you do not equip your child with the right equipment, the risk of falls will be greater and it will be sooner discouraged.


Whether your child prefers to ski or snowboard, it is imperative to equip him with a helmet! Closer to the ground and with a head proportionally heavier than that of an adult, children are more exposed to the risk of head trauma. A ski helmet will divide by 2 these risks.