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For a sustainable glide respectful of our mountains

Jan 14, 2020
For a sustainable glide respectful of our mountains


Exclusively on Les CARROZ, a new machine has been installed in our store to complete the workshop. This is the "Cure Station Phantom", marketed by DPS, already in operation for 3 years in the United States and which arrives in France this winter.
The specificity of this new machine? A permanent treatment of the sole, ecological and universal on any type of snow which ensures a lasting glide. No need to wax skis !!!
How does it work? The machine freezes the patented “Phantom” product in the sole of the ski to ensure its long-lasting glide. No more waxing, we are talking about permanent treatment of the sole or Permanent Waxless Glide.

For the technical side, here are the explanations. We remove the ski, clean it and apply the Phantom product to the entire sole (new or already run in). The ultraviolet rays of the Cure Station then freezes the solution in the empty spaces of the ski by modifying the molecular structure of it. A good job of brushing and buffing completes the operation. Unlike a conventional waxing which is posed on the surface of the ski, one acts here in the interior of the ski from where a permanent effect.

The advantages are manifold:
- Ecological

The traditional wax has important consequences in particular on the pollution of the rivers downstream of the ski slopes. The arrival of this device is part of a dynamic that gives an ecological dimension to our skiing since there will no longer be any wax or residue deposits in the shops of the shops or on the slopes.

- The treatment is lasting

Today, the permanent treatment of the sole saves you time: the treatment is effective throughout the life of the ski. You just have to clean the sole as soon as necessary by a ski structure.

- Financial

Even if the cost of the sole treatment seems important at the start, it quickly pays for itself by its final appearance.
With the Permanent Waxless Glide, opt for a sustainable glide that respects our mountains.

At Garage du Ski, take advantage of a special launch offer at € 99 for a pair of skis or a snowboard instead of € 125 until January 30, 2020.

Information on 06 83 35 96 16 or by email at
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