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Oct 29, 2014


We all have different abilities and tastes in skis and boards, which is why Ski Republic offers such a wide range of rental options.

Here’s a breakdown of the kind of rider our different categories of skis and boards are aimed at so you can ensure you get what’s best for you (and don’t forget if you sign up for our ‘Multi Ride’ option you can change your skis or board if you don’t get on with them, or if snow conditions change).

PRIVILEGE:  These are high end skis for demanding, advanced to expert skiers looking for a ski with precision and performance. This season we’re offering the Blizzard G-Power FS IQ 7.5 and the Blizzard Viva 770 IQ in this category.

EXCLUSIVE: Developed for experienced skiers and boarders looking for a specific type of ski for a specific type of riding (e.g freestyle, off-piste, slalom, race skis etc.).

This season’s ‘Exclusive’ category skis are K2 Rictor 90xTI; Faction Agent 90+90 W; Rossignol Hero Elite ST; Rossignol Hero Elite LT. For boarders we have the Furlan Ash Limbo 172.

PERFORMANCE PLUS: Intermediate to advanced riders wanting to make swift progress should check out this category. These skis and boards have good response and are precise and stable at speed both on- and off-piste.

This winter we’re offering the Rossignol Smash 7, Salomon X-Drive 80 Ti and our unique Ski Republic ‘Style’ skis, which are specifically designed for female skiers and are light and easy to turn as well as matching your ski outfit!

You can get the Ruby Style (red), Sapphire Style (blue), Emerald Style (green) and Diamond Style (black).

For boarders we have the Nitro Prime RTL and the K2 Subculture + Wowpow.

SPORT PLUS: For beginner to intermediate skiers and boarders we have a large range of options in this category which turn very easily and work well on all groomed pistes.

SPORT EASY: This category is aimed at beginners and very occasional skiers who don't want to spend too much on their day out, but are looking for a ski or board that will be both forgiving and fun.

New for this season is our ADO RANGE for skiers from 12-17 years old, featuring the highly rated Faction Kennedy, whilst for children we have two different levels:

JUNIOR: this is for 6 to 12 year olds with a maximum height of 160cm; there are options that will work well for beginners through to good riders – these include our Junior Competition Range skis (Rossignol Hero JR Multi Event) and our Junior Range skis (Atomic Redster JR and Atomic Vantage JR) along with the Artec Hyperfuzz snowboard.

And finally for the smallest skiers we have our KID’S RANGE aimed at 3 to 6 year olds with a maximum height of 110cm.

So, there’s pretty much a ski or board for everyone, whatever their ability or aspirations!


Here are a few technical terms you may hear in relation to skis

Camber – if you lay a ski on the snow you’ll see a ‘rise’ in the middle where it doesn’t touch the surface – this is camber; ‘reverse camber’ is where the tip and tail lift off the snow and the centre touches it.

Edge – the metal strips along the side of the ski.

Length – as a rough rule of thumb, the longer the ski the more difficult it is to ski.

Radius – the ‘turning circle’ of the ski; the shorter the radius the easier it is to turn.

Sidecut – the difference in width between the centre of the ski and the tip and tail.

Stiffness – ‘soft’ (less stiff) skis tend to be easier to turn than ‘hard’ (stiffer) skis.

Width – in general a wider ski will float better in powder; a narrow ski will turn better on piste.