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Choose your skis to compliment your style

Dec 20, 2016
Choose your skis to compliment your style

To choose your skis, the first thing to ask is: What kind of skier are you?

Indeed, freeride skis will not bring you the same advantages as skis of track or freestyle. Here are some explanations to help you make the right choice.


Groomed Piste skiers

If you are an experienced skier and you like spending your days on the ski slopes, turn to high-performance alpine skis. Fairly thin, they are equipped with a classic camber. These models facilitate the change of edges to descend the slopes at full speed.


Lovers of large spaces

Nature lovers, who enjoy to ski off piste or be on the first chair on a powder day, have to be equipped with much larger slats. Freeride skis feature a generous spatula rocker and extra-wide side lines. With this construction, these skis disembark and float perfectly in powder.


The snowpark is your favorite playground

You like to pull the big tricks as soon as you see a jump? There is no doubt, you need a bi-spatula ski with freestyle temperament, enabling you to land in switch. With the big pop of these skis, you will be able to fly more easily.


All-terrain skis

For all those who enjoy the mountain top to bottom, all-mountain skis are made for you. Often equipped with a double spatula and a waist located between alpine skis and freeride skis, the all-mountain allows you to ride all snowy space. Easily adapting to each area of the mountain, you can enjoy, groomed or un-pisted slopes, and even turn a few shapes.


So, there it is, time to decide your style! Ask for advice on the models that will suit you best when you hire your skis at Ski Republic!