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Benjamin, Tignes Palafour shop manager

Mar 26, 2012
Benjamin, Tignes Palafour shop manager

Benjamin MICHAUD has worked 7 years in Tignes, and 4 years for Ski Republic. But there’s no hiding his accent, he’s originally from the Camargue. After his previous incarnation in IT he now manages our shop Tignes Palafour.

We often talk about the advantages of Ski Republic for the customers. And for the franchise owners, what are the advantages of being affiliated to Ski Republic?

Ski Republic is a bit like a big family. In Tignes, we all know each other, and we all help each other. If one of the shops is short of equipment, the others will lend what is needed, if at all possible. That solidarity is Ski Republic’s strength, and is very reassuring. And then, equally satisfying, we offer very attractive rates such as 2 for 1 on high quality equipment: the customer leaves the shop with a big smile on his face, and that’s a great motivation to go to work of a morning!

So Ski Republic is also a guarantee to the customer that he’s getting quality equipment?

The 2 for 1 offer, for groups and families, is a major advantage for the customer, but our major advantage is really the quality of the equipment, and is something to which we remain much attached. We update and maintain our equipment very regularly, and each pack rented is adapted to the client, whether he’s a beginner or an experienced skier. And then online, for skiers who are looking for the latest, it’s even possible to choose the model of ski.

Online booking has changed the customer’s rental experience, but not just theirs, yours too, hasn’t it?

Yes, it’s an advantage for both parties. As a customer, you save a lot of time, notably on the weekends. Online booking allows us to anticipate orders, and prepare the equipment ahead of time. So when they arrive, the customers don’t have to wait, which generally they appreciate!

You’re originally from the Camargue, what made you leave your home region?

I first came here to visit a friend, ski, and also to look for work. My background is in IT, but I’ve always enjoyed customer contact. I found work in Tignes, and I decided to stay because I‘ve got a good job which allows me to ski in my free time. In the summer I’ve got a restaurant in the Gorges du Verdon, which is also a very nice place, even if the restaurant imposes quite an intense work rhythm.

What’s “unmissable” in your home region?

Even better than the beach, if you go to the Camargue in the summer I’d recommend the bull festivals. These take place in all the villages in the Camargue, and really represent the authentic side of my region. I’d seriously recommend the festival at Aigues-Mortes, it’s very typical!


Right, photos of Benjamin MICHAUD, in his ski & snowboard hire shop in Tignes Palafour, located in front of Tignes Lake!!

Photos credits: Objectif Photo.

Shop info and contact details for Benjamin available at the web page page Magasin de location de skis & snowboards Tignes Le Lac.