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Alpe d’Huez Megavalanche 2017

May 23, 2017
Alpe d’Huez Megavalanche 2017

Absolute reference, the Alpe d’Huez Megavalanche is the world's largest downhill mountain bike race.

With more than 2,000 participants, 20 nations represented, 3 days of training and racing, and more than 4,000 meters of descent in competition, the Megavalanche 2017 is THE marathon descent race not to be missed!

Alpe d'Huez Megavalanche 2017

Races of the Megavalanche

During the Megavalanche, amateurs and professionals make their tracks on the mythical mountain bike tracks of the Grand Domaine VTT of the Alpes d'Huez.

Parallel to this event, there are also other races, dedicated to children, enduro and many others.

Alpe d'Huez Megavalanche

For those who do not know it yet, the Megavalanche is the longest and craziest race in the world. Every year, since 1995, the greatest enthusiasts of mountain bike are there to take the start of the Pic Blanc.

With a start in Mass Start at 3330 meters and an arrival at Allemont, 2600 meters below, the Megavalanche has become one of the most legendary and unmissable marathon runs in the world!

The Enduro OZ

Nearest ski resort of Oz-domaine Alpe d'Huez, 50 minutes from Grenoble and 1h40 from Lyon, Oz en Oisans hosts the Enduro OZ on its slopes.

Indeed, for the first time in the framework of the week Megavalanche 2017, you will be able to participate in an enduro event.

The Mega Kid

Kids too are entitled to their own race with the Mega Kid 2017! Reserved for small champions of 9 to 14 years, this race was specially conceived and adapted to the minis riders.

The E-bike Serie

Couse with ATV with electric assistance, the E-Bike Serie includes a departure at the top of the Alpe d'Huez and an arrival at Allemont, for about 22km, D + 100 and D-2600. For maximum enjoyment!


Program of the Megavalanche 2017

Saturday 1st July

Start of the 9-day package MEGAVALANCHE

Tuesday 4th July

Administrative Control, Delivery of plates and bibs (Palais des Sports - Alpe d'Huez)

Wednesday 5th July

Enduro Oz en Oisans

Free practice day for the MEGAVALANCHE courses

08.30 am – 06.00 pm: Administrative Control, Handing of plates and numbers (Palais des Sports)

Thursday 6th July

Official test day on the MEGAVALANCHE courses

08.30 am - 07.00 pm: Administrative Control, Handing of plates and numbers (Palais des Sports)

Friday 7th July

Qualification & Mega Kid

10.00 am Wave 1 n ° 1 to 130

10.15 am Wave 2 No. 201 to 330

10.30 am Wave 3 No. 401 to 530

10.45 am Wave 4 No. 601 to 730

11.00 am Wave 5 No. 801 to 930

11.15 am Wave 6 No. 1001 to 1130

11.30 am Wave 7 No. 1201 to 1330

11.45 am Wave 8 No. 1401 to 1530

12.00 am Wave 9 No. 1601 to 1730

12.15 am Wave 10 No. 1801 to 1930

12:30 am Wave 12 WOMEN

12.45 am Wave 13 Kids

From 12.00 am: on arrival: Energy buffet - Palais des Sports - Alpe d'Huez

06.00 pm: Welcome drink offered by the Alpe d'Huez

07.00 pm / 07.30 pm: Results of qualifications and KID Removal of line stickers (except A)

Saturday 8th July


09.00 am: Departure E-Bike Serie

09.15 am: Departure MEGA LADIES

09.30 am: Departure MEGA CHALLENGER (from the 39th to the 77th) ie 342 people

From 09.45 am: Affinity 1 - Departure for arrivals

10.30 am: Closure of the slopes of the Glacier

10:30 am / 2:30 pm: Arrival at Allemont and Buffet Offert.

02.30 pm (arrival of the bicycle): Departure of the pursuit E-Bike Serie

Ceremony Protocol - Palais des Sports - Alpe d'Huez

Sunday 9th July


09.00 am: Departure MEGAVALANCHE (from the 1st to the 38th) ie 342 people

09.30 am: Departure MEGA AMATEURS (from the 78th to the 116th) or 342 people

09.45 am: Departure MEGA Affinity 2 - Departure for arrivals

10.30 am: Closure of the slopes of the Glacier

10.30 am / 2.30 pm: Arrival in Allemont - Ceremony of the Protocol - Prize-giving ceremony




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