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After skiing - relax

Apr 4, 2011
After skiing - relax

" One of the greatest pleasures after a session on the slopes is pulling off the ski boots, then relaxing in the fresh mountain air, perhaps in an apres ski bar with friends, or taking a long soak in the bath back at the hotel. The excellent tiredness that comes with skiing can hardly be rivalled in any other sport.

But before the apres skiing partying starts, to be in top shape for a night out, first take care of the muscles.

Having removed the shoes, set aside ten to fifteen minutes to stretch: the quads in particular (the front of the thigh) which take a real pounding during the descents. Also stretch also the other muscles of the leg (gluts, adducteurs) and the back; it will save the aches and pains when you start out again the next day.

If you’re planning to go out in the evening, then take some time to rest. After stretching, take a warm drink (herb tea or tea to hydrate the body and help counter aches), have a bath or a warm shower, and crash out for a quarter of an hour or so. If the slopes close at 5 pm, then even with all this in mind, by 6:30 pm, you will be back on your feet and ready to continue right on into the evening : perhaps a raclette with the family, a few drinks in a romantic bar, or let your hair down in a club with friends. Enjoy the stillness of the night (in the mountains, the silence is magic), but don’t over-do it as you’ll want to be ready to restart on slopes early the next day !