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Ride & Respect #2 : start your Eco habits!

Mar 27, 2012

For your mountain holiday, Mountain Riders are offering you a series of videos full of ideas and initiatives(...) Read more

Top tips for the UK’s 60 million virgin skiers

Feb 1, 2012

With 46 ski hire shops in the French Alps and in the Pyrenees (including Andorra), Ski Republic’s expert staff really know their twin tips from their carvers. Read more

After skiing - relax

Apr 4, 2011

" One of the greatest pleasures after a session on the slopes is pulling off the ski boots, then relaxing in the fresh mountain air, perhaps in an apres ski bar ... Read more

" Be hot after the ski "

Mar 16, 2011

" The best advice not to be cold after the ski, it is not to be cold hanging. What means possessing an equipment adapted to the possible less windy 20... Read more

" Warm up before you hit the slopes"

Feb 15, 2011

" Before dashing on a black ski run, it is better to warm a little the body. The ideal would be to make some movements - even a small jogging - … Read more

« Optimise your holidays »

Feb 9, 2011

To ski in the best possible physical condition and not to be breathless from the first bends, it’s important to build up stamina... Read more