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Frequently Asked Questions

Breakage or theft guarantee

Can I take the “Breakage or theft guarantee” after confirming and paying for my order?

Once you’ve confirmed your order, this is not possible through our website. However, if you discover that your insurance doesn’t adequately cover breakage or theft of hired equipment, it is possible to take our “Breakage or theft guarantee” when you collect your equipment from the shop.

Exactly what is covered by the "Breakage or theft guarantee”?

Just as the name suggests, it covers you if during your stay your equipment is damaged or stolen. The guarantee is optional (tick or untick the box as necessary).

More precisely:

    *  Breakage or theft: this guarantee covers accidental damage or theft of you equipment during your stay. If you take our “Cancellation, breakage or theft guarantee” offered online, or the “Breakage or theft guarantee” offered on arrival at the shop, you will benefit from preferential conditions in the case of breakages or non-return of materiel hired from SKI REPUBLIC: 

 (Amounts below refer to “pairs” of skis or a snowboard):


Without Guarantee

With Guarantee


300 €

60 €


400 €

80 €


500 €

120 €


600 €

200 €


700 €

280 €


800 €

360 €





95 €

40 €


150 €

50 €


200 €

60 €


250 €

70 €



Adult = 120 € / Junior = 60 €


100 €


50 €


1 = 13 € / 2 = 26 €




15% will be deducted for every year a ski or snowboard has been in circulation.

For more details, visit our site at .

Remember to check what your travel insurance actually covers regarding hired equipment, so if necessary you can take our guarantee and enjoy peace of mind on your holiday!


Changing my order before my stay

What happens if we get something wrong in the personal details (age, weight, height, skill level)?

These details allow us to set the safety releases on your equipment, so they’re ready on arrival. The best thing to do is contact Customer Support at .

What happens if we need to cancel our order?

We offer  FREE cancellation up to 24 hours before the start of their ski hire reservation (Excluding Reservation fees, and/or insurance) whatever reason you have for needing to cancel.

Any cancelation request can be made via your client account.

Use your email address and password to login and consult your orders.

Select the order you wish to cancel.

You can then click on “Cancel my order” to send your request to our customer service who will process the cancellation .

What happens if we need to change the hire dates?

There are three cases to consider, depending on your needs:

  *  If you wish to bring forward the first day of hire: you’ll need to contact Customer Support, so they can change the booking, send you a new confirmation email and our team in store can get your equipment ready for you to ski, no waiting!

  *  If you wish to shorten the hire period: contact Customer Support, so they can modify your booking and arrange a refund if one applies. (See paragraph “Cancellation, breakage or theft guarantee” for more details.)

  *  If you wish to prolong the period beyond the last booked day: this can be done in store. Just don’t forget to tell our team!

Help/Advice with reservations

Are ski poles included in the cost?

Yes, of course! Our team will supply ski poles in your size with every pair of skis hired. In case of breakage, loss, theft, a compensation may be requested in a maximum of 20 € unless you have subscribed to our insurance Carré + or our warranty theft and breakage.

Do you rent out just skis or snowboards (without boots)?

Yes, just uncheck the box marked “boots” when adding your order to the basket.

Do you rent out snowshoes?

Not online, but in very probably in store, again dependant on the stock available. Just phone the shop the week before your stay to make sure.

How do I know what size skis I need?

Our team in store will choose the correct size for you using the information you supply in your booking: your height, age, skill level, weight and the type of skis or snowboard you wish to hire. If you want a particular size, please let us know by replying to the e-mail confirming your order.

Is it possible to hire boots on their own?

Yes, you can hire boots online. Click on the ‘Options’ tab in the first part of the reservation process and then add the boots to your basket.

Last season Customer Services gave me a credit note, how do I use it?

The credit note will have been in the form of a promotional code that you can use online. You can enter this code in step 3 of the online booking process and the discount will be taken from your new order.

We’re a large group (8 people or more) how can you help us?

Groups of 8 people or more, booking together online, benefit from an automatic 10% reduction off the cost of their equipment.

For groups of 10 people or more please contact Customer Support, via , with the date of your trip and the resort where you’ll be staying, so we can arrange the help you need.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Online, you can use  Mastercard, Visa or Amex. In our shops we also take cash, cheques drawn on a French account or « Chèques Vacances ».

Our best prices are always found online, to benefit from them you will need to pay by credit card.

What flexibility is there during my stay?

Can we collect our equipment the evening before our first ski day?

Yes of course, depending on equipment return by prior clients and the regular servicing and maintenance of our winter sports equipment. If equipment is available in the category you have ordered, you can collect it from 16h00 the evening before hire is due to begin, at no extra charge! Our teams will do their utmost to make your equipment available at the earliest possible moment, so you can make the most of the pistes from the very start of your holiday. To make things easier on your first day, don’t forget to check the location and opening times of your chosen shop at

When do I have to return my equipment?

You can choose! Either when you finish skiing on the last day, or before 10 a.m. the following day! Again, make things easier for yourself and don’t forget to check the opening times of your chosen shop at